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All hands to the pump for PR19 - delivering resilience in the water sector

The toughest challenges faced by today’s water utilities are the ability to prove the resilience of their operations and reduce bills while still ensuring their customers are satisfied. With details of water regulator Ofwat’s PR19 consultation now out, it is clear that the nation’s water utilities and boards are going to be under more pressure than ever to not only pass muster, but to prove ‘exceptional’ performance.

Birmingham's race to the Commonwealth prize

2022 could be the year of the Regional Games. From the 2012 London Olympics to Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games, the social and economic boost from sporting events has put UK PLC on the map. Now, as Birmingham’s bid for the Commonwealth Games gathers pace, the transformational benefits promise to reach far beyond the city. It’s an exciting time for the region. Birmingham’s place in the heart of the country puts it in prime position to reap the benefits of a successful Commonwealth Games bid, and it will also generate a ripple effect that is about more than the games themselves.

The Industrial Strategy: Creating a sustainable future

Grounded in the UK’s history as an enterprising and intrepid place of first-time invention, whilst candidly recognising current weaknesses, the industrial strategy unapologetically evokes the ‘Great British Spirit’. It sets out a platform for collaboration between government, industries and individuals, for a national and local transformation that will create a productive country fit for a sustainable future.