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Net Zero Carbon Masterplanning: Defining, Measuring & Monitoring Success

With the global disruption caused by COVID-19, there was a real risk that momentum towards action on climate change would be lost. However recent government announcements, commitments, policy accelerations and 10 point plans have done the opposite – they have put addressing sustainability and carbon reduction front and centre of our recovery plans. For those of us working in the built environment, this means embedding a commitment to net zero carbon in every aspect of new development, right from project inception and at the very start of the masterplanning stage.

From Victorian Legacy to Active Travel - Behavioural Change is The Real Achievement of TfL’s First Twenty Years

The real achievement of Transport for London’s first twenty years is not that it’s changed London’s transport infrastructure; it’s that it’s changed London’s behaviours. Our Cities Director Peter Hogg explores how transport and travel have changed over the last two decades, and the massive impact TfL has had on the way we live and move around the capital.

Mobility as a service: towards a sustainable future

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been subject to much hype in recent years, but problems around data sharing and unsuccessful adoption in some cities have led to doubt around its potential. But COVID-19 has changed the landscape, with increased public willingness to share data for safety and reliability, as well as increased enthusiasm for 'micro mobility' options, such as electric and shared bikes and scooters. Does this mean the time has come for Maas to fulfil its potential as a more efficient and sustainable transport solution?

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