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Mobility as a Service: Navigating the challenges of a MaaS data sharing future

Expanding city populations pose many challenges, especially when it comes to mass transit. The demands placed on infrastructure are increasing, along with concerns about pollution, precisely at a time when societies wish to reduce public health risks. Arcadis’s Tim Strong and Dr Danny Steed from ReSolve Cyber explore what this means from the perspective of data privacy and security issues.

Can our homes take better care of the people who live in them?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the preserve of science fiction. As the speed of digital transformation picks up pace, future living models are increasingly being influenced by new consumer demands, new challenges and new technologies. With digitization no longer just an evolutionary process happening externally to our everyday lives, what does this mean for our homes and how we live in them?

Automotive Transformation: The Road to Electric and Beyond

The motor industry is gradually shifting to electric vehicles (EV), but the rate of adoption is highly dependent on the rollout of charging infrastructure. EV is an essential precursor for the successful rollout of connected and driverless technology but, with the electric vehicle transition featuring such complex programmes and multiple stakeholders, how is this then being co-ordinated and what will encourage greater uptake across our cities?