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Could the rejuvenation of the High Street also solve our housing crisis?

Pressure on the green belt, building on flood plains, investment in new road infrastructure, delivering affordable housing and meeting carbon zero commitments are some of the many well publicised reasons why housing demand is not being met. Of course, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has thrown a bigger curveball than anyone could have imagined into the mix as tenants across the country are urging government to freeze rent payments. The gap - the difference between the current housing stock and the number needed for everyone to have a decent home to live in - is more than one million according to recent research. So, is the solution closer to home or closer to the heart of our towns and cities? The High Street.

The impact of COVID-19 on property funds: Plotting a path to recovery

Market swings and lurches in share prices have become daily occurrences amid the coronavirus crisis. Even the best quality real estate has taken a major hit. Share prices of UK investment trusts and listed property companies have been battered, with a string of asset managers closing their doors to dealing in open-ended UK property funds amid the pandemic. More than £20 billion in open-ended UK property funds are currently suspended, meaning it is no longer possible to buy or sell shares. Yet despite the severity of the situation, what options are open to those holding distressed assets, and how can they reposition to weather the storm?

Home working and adapting to the new norm

Given the rising number of COVID-19 cases and the Prime Minister’s recent pleas for everyone in the UK to stay at home, many of us up-and-down the country have been adapting to - and adopting - new ways of working with each other and our clients. At Arcadis, we’re fortunate that for some time we have had a flexible working policy already in place. It means we are very used to home working and can operate a near to ‘business as usual’ approach, but we’ve also learnt some important lessons along the way. As home working starts to become the norm during this uncertain period, promoting and encouraging business continuity has become more important than ever. So how can we build and cement our virtual working relationships?

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