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Housing the nation: we need a more ambitious framework to make any difference

Last week’s announcement from Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, calling on councils to increase housebuilding by up to 40 per cent over the next decade, has been met with some controversy. But we can’t escape the fact that something needs to change. The current planning system creates delay and stokes local opposition. It is slow, opaque and politically charged.

Arcadis at the London First Infrastructure Summit

At the recent London First Infrastructure Summit, Arcadis’ Simon Rawlinson spoke on a session looking at the capital’s ambitious future rail programme.

The Impact of Brexit on our Northern Regional Skills Base

The Northern Powerhouse is the second largest economic region of the UK. However, the challenges it faces in terms of delivering the housing and infrastructure necessary to continue to drive the northern economy are unprecedented. From industry attrition and demographic constraints to the impact of Brexit and the perceived general attractiveness of the industry, there are numerous risks that could impact future growth potential. Yet it is also true that with risk, comes opportunity.