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  • May 6, 2019

New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong are the most expensive cities for construction

Investments in innovation, end user benefits and sustainability are necessary for the success of tomorrow’s construction sector.

Amsterdam - New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong are the world’s most expensive cities to build in, according to the latest International Construction Cost Comparison published by Arcadis (EURONEXT: ARCAD), the leading global design & consultancy organization for natural and built assets. The European cities of Copenhagen and Geneva complete the Top 5. The 10 least expensive cities for construction are situated almost exclusively in Asia.

In 2019, a cooling off of the global economy will have three principle impacts on construction market conditions: a tightening of financial conditions, a volatile supply of materials and costs and downside risks on demand for construction. Construction companies and their clients will need to make smart decisions in order to consolidate long-term success. Arcadis’ International Construction Cost Comparison 2019 guides companies towards a higher long-term return on investment for construction projects. 

“In 2019 and beyond, smart investment in three key areas is crucial for the future success of construction companies and the sector in general,” states Andrew Beard, Global Head Cost and Commercial Management at Arcadis. “Firstly, innovation and digitization present an opportunity for construction companies to increase efficiency, lower costs and increased productivity while improving the end product. Secondly, a strong focus on end-user benefits is necessary. Buildings will increasingly need to be part of the urban mobility ecosystem in order to create value in the long term,” Beard continues.

“Finally, constructing and operating buildings has a significant impact on the environment, in terms of water and energy use, carbon emissions and waste. As a consequence, clients are looking to incorporate resiliency and sustainability as part of their business strategy and into buildings.”

Top 10 most expensive cities Top 10 least expensive cities

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. Hong Kong
4. Copenhagen
5. Geneva
6. London
7. Macau
8. Zurich
9. Tokyo
10. Boston

100. Bengaluru
99. New Delhi
98. Mumbai
97. Kuala Lumpur
96. Ho Chi Minh
95. Wuhan
94. Guangzhou/Shenzhen
93. Chengdu
92. Jakarta
91. Belgrade

The Arcadis International Construction Costs Comparison 2019 is a leading reference point in relative comparison of global construction costs. This year the comparison covers 100 major cities. Apart from providing a comparative indexation of construction costs around the world, the report also provides market insights and recommendations on the factors clients should be considering, in order to continue being successful in the future.

Read more and download the report: www.arcadis.com/icc2019/  





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