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  • September 2, 2020

Arcadis Accelerator wins Gold and Silver at the Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards

Arcadis, the leading global Design and Consultancy organisation for natural and built assets, is excited to announce that its Accelerator experience, delivered in collaboration with partners Bendelta, took home both the Gold award for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program and the Silver award for Best Advance in Leadership Development, at the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Leadership Development Awards.

The Accelerator was designed to redefine leadership at Arcadis. It sought to move away from a traditional, hierarchical model of leadership reserved for the select few, to igniting shared leadership, ownership and responsibility at all levels of the organization regardless of title or level, to drive change to shape the business for the future.

Arcadis engaged Bendelta, a top strategic leadership advisory firm, to collaborate in designing the Accelerator. The experience consisted of three face to face ‘immersions’ designed to take participants out of their comfort zone, challenge their assumptions and inspire new ways of thinking behaving and working, and a series of group and individual activities to reinforce the insights from the immersion and support the translation to everyday activities.

Amy Baxendale – HR Director, Arcadis Australia Pacific: “The Accelerator is not about teaching how to be a leader but through the immersions and other interventions helping Accelerators to experience being a leader. It was designed to move away from a focus on leadership development being about concepts and theory to compressed experiences that immerse our people in situations that might be difficult to access in real life. Providing experiential learning that rapidly creates the skills that prepare people for unfamiliar environments and opportunities. We all know that the future is not stable and predictable as it has been in the past and we therefore need to prepare our leaders to have the agility to tackle the new, never before and yet unknown.

Working with the Accelerators throughout their journey, was an incredible experience. It was amazing to observe tangible growth and impact in all Accelerators and this was recognised across the business, by the Accelerators, their line managers and colleagues.

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