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  • June 3, 2019
  • Sydney, Australia

Jim Yang presented Arcadis PV/IC experience at the RMS geotechnical Conference

Sydney, Australia - This year’s RMS Geotechnical Conference took place on March 14th, 2019 in Sydney. The Geotechnical Conference is a biennial event of the Roads and Maritime geotechnical community. Geotechnology relates to earthworks slopes and geotechnical systems, techniques and equipment.

The external one-day events focused on among others: transferring knowledge between government staff and industry participants, providing a forum for an exchange of ideas and input into emerging issues, as well as training and developing both government and industry members. 

The presentation title was ‘lessons learnt from large infrastructure projects - an independent verifier’s perspective’. Jim Yang, Senior Technical Director, Geotechnical NSW at Arcadis presented on the PV/IC experience Arcadis gained over the past 15 plus years. He held a technical talk about a number of questions and debate about the need of Project Verifier (PV) and Independent Certifier (IC). 

Some of the areas covered by Jim Yang in his technical presentation included:

  • Adequacy of site investigations
  • Design of piles in rock, in particular the rock wedge capacity and the ULS lateral capacity issues
  • Embankments over soft ground settlement prediction methods and hold point release criteria
  • Cutting design and potential geotechnical risks management and issues
  • Retaining wall and deep excavation support design – impact assessment and risk management where geotechnical data was not enough
  • Tunnel design evolution and requirements – Lessons learnt and SWTC requirement changes from M5 to WestConnex 1B, 2, 3A and 3B

“As the industry leader in Independent Certification, we’ve seen the huge impact this important work can have on not only delivering projects on time and on budget, but on helping create better outcomes, for both our client and their clients – the everyday people who interact with these projects,” Yang said. 

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