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  • October 9, 2017
  • Australia

Arcadis to offer HIMA commercial-off-the-shelf Interlocking Solution in Australia

Australia - Arcadis recently became a HIMA partner (Systems Integrator), focussing on rail systems applications.

Rail with street lights

This partnership will help improve competition in the market and challenge traditional, expensive vendor-controlled products. Applications of the HIMA Safety Related Controller include signalling interlockings, level crossings controllers, yard interlockings and rail systems interfaces.

Following a series of workshops with local rail operators, Arcadis determined there was a critical need for a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution in the rail signalling environment that is affordable, scalable and non-vendor-locked. Arcadis teamed with HIMA Australia off the back of numerous successful projects in the Netherlands, including the provision of engineering design and testing support for ProRail for large scale metropolitan signalling interlocking installations.

Phil Kajewski, Managing Director Infrastructure Australia Pacific, Arcadis: “Our signalling team have identified a real need in the current rail market for a solution of this type, which we are backing as part of our continued efforts to provide technical signalling expertise which focuses on our client’s needs.”

Jason Davis, Technical Director Rail Australia Pacific, Arcadis is leading the initiative in Australia to offer an integrated non-vendor locked COTS interlocking solution. “The existing signalling industry is in need of a shake up, and the timing is right for modernisation of these kind of systems and the processes surrounding them. I am passionate about working with our rail operators in order to open the market to innovation and a COTS systems.”

Jason is attending the HIMA APAC Partners Summit in Kuala Lumpur in October 2017, which will be an important forum to understand the differences and close the gaps in the way safety is managed between the rail and process industries. Jason is being supported by a development team in Australia which is managed by Tom McPeake, Chris Ryan, and Richard Bonner, and supported by Arcadis rail teams in Australia and the Netherlands.

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