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Our greatest asset are our people. Arcadians are not only rewarded for outstanding work but have access to great employee benefits.

What are the benefits that come with a job at Arcadis?

Alongside culture and career advancement, we believe a strong compensation and benefits package is key to attracting and retaining top talent. We are committed to creating a benefits program that is not only competitive, but also flexible and responsive to the changing needs of today’s employees. 

Our goal is to attract the best and the brightest; and we know that offering a creative environment, challenging but rewarding opportunities, and comprehensive benefits is the best path to attracting and retaining the best people.

Benefits include:

The Arcade

Our online reward and recognition portal, The Arcade, offers all Arcadians shopping discounts from over 400 premium retailers, access to online career development courses and much more. The Arcade helps your colleagues recognise your outstanding work with vouchers that you can use at any time to get discounts and great deals on everything from plane tickets to white-goods to sporting event tickets and even gym memberships.

Study leave and financial assistance

We believe learning never stops and that key to this is remaining challenged, energised and committed at work. To support you with this, we offer all Arcadians paid study leave, access to financial support for study, and continual in-house and external training courses.

Most Valuable Player Award

Every month we recognise outstanding Arcadians in each of our offices. The awards are open to everyone, and the criteria is based on our passion to Improve Quality of Life, delivering on behalf of clients and our values. 

An award-winning Wellbeing program.

Our ‘Positive Living’ Program is our commitment to Arcadians to help improve their quality of life. It is a holistic wellbeing program covering body, mind and soul. From mindfulness to step challenges to nutritional cooking classes, we refresh our program each year in line with employee feedback. Skin checks, massages, flu vaccinations and dedicated wellness rooms are all part of the program.  

Our Positive Living online hub allows us to play the ‘Positive Living game’ where Arcadians compete with each other to be rewarded with points, badges, levels and real life prizes for taking part in wellbeing initiatives.

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Jacob Grech

Human Resources Director Ask me a question