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Seeking risk-free cable inspections

True industry leaders find ways to improve efficiency and employee safety simultaneously. When one auto manufacturer needed to perform medium-voltage cable evaluations across eight facilities, leadership saw it as an opportunity to innovate the process.

Engineers at the company teamed with our electrical engineers to design a thorough assessment process that minimized downtime and health hazards. The client provided three requirements to adhere by: no effects on production, no electrical shutdowns, and no entering or opening live electrical gear.

Putting an eye in the sky to innovate inspections

The team knew from the start that the traditional elevated platform approach could be improved upon. Even a properly operated manlift can put personnel and operations at risk, and the process can be tedious when trying to inspect cables across multiple facilities.

Instead, Arcadians suggested that they take to the skies. Drones equipped with high-definition cameras could provide engineers with real-time views of cables from multiple angles without anyone leaving the ground. Abilities such as geotagging and switching between photography and video would allow for better insights into cable conditions. Plus, a drone unit would cost less than a one-day lift rental and eliminate the need to relocate lift equipment and personnel throughout a site.

The client, eager to innovate its assessment strategy, cleared the way for takeoff at multiple facilities. Our FAA-certified drone pilots flew patterns that gave the organization more detailed assessments than traditional inspections had ever allowed.

Doubling delivery speed without adding risk

The drones’ expanded reach made it easy for the engineers to spot urgent maintenance needs across its facilities. Compared to traditional methods, inspections were completed in half the time and removed the staff safety and operational shutdown risks that loomed over previous inspections.

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