EHS teams always aspire to lead. But actions, not words, determine which programs maximize EHS management information systems’ (MIS) potential to sit at the forefront of global EHS.


At Arcadis’ 2020 EHS Leadership Insights & Global Networking Forum (ALIGN), the speaker presentations and conversations with attendees helped us uncover the ways leading EHS programs build culture, implement EHS MIS, and leverage data better than others. This paper brings the insights together to outline the signs of true EHS leadership and actions programs can take to achieve excellence.

Hallmarks of EHS leaders

Mindset and culture

Companies with leading EHS programs think about EHS differently than those trailing them. They elevate EHS from a compliance requirement to an overall business function critical to operations success.


It starts with mindset and culture. In a strong EHS program, everyone – from the c-suite to the frontlines – collaborates to maximize EMIS’ potential. Risk owners consider data an asset, and they embrace trying new ways to mine it for insights.

EHS MIS implementation practices

Strategic EMIS selection, implementation and adoption can push EHS programs to the forefront of their industry sectors.

Leading EHS programs perform extensive end-user engagement, testing and training, and adopt embedded best practices. Organizational change management (OCM) is also prioritized for long-term adoption.

Data optimization

Continuous learning and constant improvement keep leading EHS programs at the front of the pack. Some are beginning to layer interpretive tools and utilize data sharing amongst peers to promote learning.


The best decisions are being made through the application of predictive and prescriptive analytics. Top tier programs are evolving to take proactive stances on risk while looking for trends or indicators to drive performance. Not only can this information be used to prevent serious safety or environmental hazards, it can optimize functions including repair and replacement schedules.

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