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For every person you can identify with a visible disability, you likely know at least three others with an invisible disability. But the stigma surrounding disabilities in the workplace can hold employees back from disclosing their needs and bringing their authentic selves to work. As the parent of a child with disabilities, Chelsea Campbell was looking for a space at Arcadis where she could feel safe sharing her experience of finding the balance between caring for her son’s needs and fulfilling her responsibilities at work.

“I want to bring people together and find a place where we can be our true selves without feeling like there’s something wrong with us because we may need an adjustment to do our jobs well,” Chelsea says. “I want to create an atmosphere here at Arcadis where you feel like you belong somewhere.”

Chelsea founded a neurodiversity and access employee group in North America for Arcadians with visible and invisible disabilities as well as allies to find support, advocate for access and break down stigma around disabilities through education. We’ve taken Chelsea’s vision and expanded it to a global initiative to foster understanding and acceptance throughout our company and give others like Chelsea the opportunity to connect with a supportive community.



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