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The challenge 

In 2022, Qatar expects to welcome 1.5 million football fans for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Fans will be able to attend more than one match a day played at eight stadiums across the country. But how frustrated will people be if they have to spend most of their time fighting traffic congestion to get to the next game? 

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    The comprehensive road network in Doha provides adequate connectivity to people and businesses; however, as a relatively young city, regulating the increased traffic flow to cater to current and future traffic demand will be critical as the country aims to boost its economic strength and development through the Qatar National Vision 2030.

    Qatar’s Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ understands the need to enable greater mobility, shorter travel times and improved safety, which is why it commissioned the design, construction and delivery of Al Majd Road, a new highway that connects major residential and industrial areas of the city without having to travel through Doha. 


The solution 

The €1.3 billion Contract 2 of Al Majd Road is Arcadis’ first design-and-build highway project in Qatar. We provided lead design services from concept to issue for construction designs covering a wide range of disciplines for 8 multilevel grade-separation interchanges. Given the complexity and expanse of this road network coupled with its importance to the country’s sustainable development, we collaborated with our regional offices across the globe to deliver a design that uses traffic detection technologies.

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    This will provide the best operational service to road users by allowing Ashghal to seamlessly manage all lanes of the 47km road network under Contract 2. Vehicle detectors and CCTV cameras will feed information to the Traffic Management Center, which dynamically controls traffic using lane-control signages and messaging systems.


    Using our global expertise and local experience, and through regular communication with the Client and the Engineer, we were able to deliver a first-class design and help Ashghal achieve maximum road network safety, efficiency and reliability.

The impact 

Al Majd Road, which is the longest road in Qatar spanning 195km, officially opened to the public in February 2019 linking about 30 residential areas in addition to many economic facilities. The new road is expected to reduce travel time by up to 50% and help maintain the overall health of other roads by lessening traffic congestion particularly in and around Doha. Now that fewer vehicles will need to go through Doha, the noise level and air quality in the city are both expected to improve as well — something all citizens and visitors will appreciate.

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    These are all great achievements that will benefit not only the locals but also the tourists who will be visiting Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Football fans wanting to visit different World Cup stadiums to follow their favourite teams will only need to worry about the outcome of the game because traveling around Qatar will be made more efficient with Al Majd Road linking all the stadiums.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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