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The challenge

Protecting our cities from the effects of climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face. This is why the City of Antwerp is aiming to be completely climate neutral by 2050 and wishes to optimize the entire region with a sustainable overall approach. Covering over the Antwerp Ring is a crucial element that will both tackle mobility and spatial quality and create opportunities for energy transition and sustainable water management.

The solution

In order to transform the city's water and energy system, the City of Antwerp has commissioned Arcadis and the city's other partners, AgenceTer, TVK, Ingenium and IBM, to design a spatial concept. We must take advantage of the opportunities to combine the redevelopment of the Antwerp Ring with actions to tackle the water and energy system in this area in a way that is sustainable and future oriented. The Antwerp Ring is located in the heart of the city and offers an ideal opportunity to link up surrounding city neighborhoods with new, climate-friendly water and energy networks. With smart design solutions, we can combine the practical and the pleasant. We have ambitious goals; in addition to innovation and sustainability, we are also placing considerable emphasis on spatial quality and on how these systems are integrated into the landscape of the surrounding area.

The impact

The study and final design will provide insight into the current and future water and energy management provisions for Antwerp and the impact of, and on, the new Antwerp Ring infrastructure. This will create a clear framework for investment, design and management choices over the coming decades and make Antwerp a sustainable city for the future.

Used capabilities

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