new stations

5 km

of new rails

30 m


The challenge

Like all major cities, Brussels faces increasing challenges in terms of mobility and urbanization. For a city of 1.2 million people – 2 million by 2050 – the four metro lines no longer meet today’s needs. Brussels deserves a metro that is adapted to population growth and connects the suburbs to the city center faster than other means of transportation

The solution

Beliris is transforming the existing tram route 3 between Brussels-North and Albert station into a subway and extending it north to Bordet station in Evere. To do so, five kilometers of new tunnels – operated in a fully automatic way – will be built, with seven new stations (Liedts, Colignon, Verboeckhoven, Riga, Tilleul, Paix and Bordet) and one yard. The objective: a better connection with the districts of Brussels North and South, a better connection with the city center, greater public transport capacity in densely populated neighborhoods and smooth mobility for as many Brussels residents as possible.


    Beliris, the delegated contracting authority, has designated Arcadis as the project manager to support cost control, risk management and planning during the study and execution phase of the expansion work. The new metro tunnel will be located at an average depth of 25 to 30 meters, and the stations will have three floors to limit the impact of vibrations on the environment, among other things. Measuring 9.8 meters in diameter, the single-tube tunnel will be drilled using a tunnel boring machine.

The impact

With this expansion, which will increase the metro’s frequency and capacity, the Brussels metro system will be able to meet the needs of the expected population growth. Offices, businesses, cultural institutions and schools will be more easily and quickly accessible.


    About Beliris

    Beliris is a federal team serving Brussels residents and visitors to the capital. Every day, Beliris carries out construction, renovation and restoration projects in various fields: mobility, social housing, green spaces, neighborhood revitalization, culture, heritage and sports. Objective: to promote the influence of Brussels as the capital of Belgium and Europe.

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