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In recent years, regulators have determined numerous chemicals initially developed to solve life’s daily challenges are also potentially harmful to our health. Poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals we have used for decades in technical and consumer products. PFAS have given oil, water, and heat-resistant properties to items like nonstick cookware, water resistant clothing, food containers and wrappers, as well as cleaning products. Concerns around the human health impacts of PFAS have substantially increased awareness and scrutiny of these chemicals. PFAS are also contaminants that are difficult to remove from the environment.

In pursuit of more agile and effective solutions to protect the environment, and ultimately people, from PFAS, Arcadis has partnered with Australian company Evocra to launch a portable fractionation pilot system, a mobile technology that separates contaminants like PFAS from water. This innovative system has consistently removed up to 99% of PFAS from water and can decrease the volume of contaminant-impacted waste streams by up to 99.5%. The technology represents the culmination of a two-year effort with Evocra to pilot ozone fractionation with Arcadis’ North American clients. This new technique has the potential to become a convenient tool for improving quality of life by helping to remove PFAS quickly and safely from places where it can impact people’s health.

Watch the video to learn more.



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