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Detailed Bridge Inspection and AI-Enhanced Predictive Maintenance  

Bridge inspections can be costly and time consuming, from planning or preparing an inspection, through to the logistics of getting people and equipment to site. This combined with the difficulties of access and visibility, make bridges one of the most complex assets to inspect with accuracy.

Bridge Health is our detailed bridge inspection service, designed to help clients who build, own, and operate or manage bridge assets. In partnership with Niricson, we offer an exclusive, complete and reliable solution to provide efficiencies and increase safety of bridge assessments. 

In addition, because of the subjectivity, tracking changes over time is challenge. With no visibility on deterioration rates, asset owners are subject to reactive, unpredictable and costly rehabilitations, replacement, and maintenance workloads.

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Accurate Digital History

Elevate the quality and lifespan of bridges with the combination of cutting-edge technology and human expertise. By integrating artificial intelligence and data analytics, we're revolutionizing the inspection process, assessing below the surface delamination and defects in bridges using acoustic technology, creating a digital history of the asset & leaving behind the limitations of manual inspection methods.


Safer & Sustainable

By embracing automation, we not only streamline the process but also reduce the number of individuals exposed to potential risks. With AI and robotics taking the lead we ensure a more sustainable & safer inspection process with fewer visits to site, without compromising on quality or data and intelligence.



Pre-empt degradation and extend the lifespan of bridges through accurate and consistent inspection methods. The ability to repeat an exact inspection pathway allows you to assess identical parts of infrastructure to understand the asset's true performance over time and address potential issues before they escalate.


Predictive & Risk Reduction

Utilizing advanced data collection methods such as acoustic measurement and repeatable pathway assessments, with Niricson's proprietary damage assessment platform, we can predict where and when assets can potentially fail and pre-emptively address the issues and track them over time.

AUTOSPEX: Software, advisory and asset management combined

The AUTOSPEX™ and DRONIC™ solution developed by NIRICSON™ eliminates the need for heavy equipment like scaffolding and cranes, eliminates subjectivity, and allows engineers to objectively proactively monitor defects across their entire structure. Using AI-Enhanced methods and ML algorithms It allows users to visualize and overlay defects discovered by optical, thermal, and proprietary acoustic analyses, providing a baseline assessment of the structure, which can be tracked over time. By objectively tracking changes through time with a digital asset timeline, asset owners can best allocate their budgets toward their highest risk assets, making their maintenance and capital budgets highly efficient and reducing the risks with their assets.

More than software

AUTOSPEX transcends the realm of mere defect mapping software, evolving into a 360 asset management solution. It seamlessly integrates defect mapping, predictive maintenance capabilities, and a digital archive documenting the asset's historical evolution, empowering asset owners and safety engineers to engage in collaborative efforts aimed at rehabilitating assets and extending their operational lifespan.

In partnership with Niricson, we’re combining digital tooling and expert engineers to bring data analytics and bridge knowledge together to optimize life span of the bridge assets, while minimizing risk.


More than advisory

Data is only as good as the expertise available to interpret it. Once data is collected from the asset, Arcadis will provide a full suite of advisory services to empower your engineers with seamless maintenance and capital planning recommendations.


Turnkey asset management

From bridge design through to construction, Arcadis is purposefully poised to assist you in maintaining the full lifecycle of your assets, planning and implementing maintenance programs that maximize your capital expenditure.


Arcadis x Niricson Proprietary Technology, NCX

Using a proprietary UAV-mounted concrete-sounding device, our solution simulates the traditional concrete-sounding test, often performed with a hammer. Concrete sounding involves striking the surface to excite a vibration response which is reflected into the air as sound. Depending on the response, the concrete at that Acoustic Survey Point (ASP) can be classified as either delaminated or not delaminated. This testing can be performed on structural and non-structural concrete elements. The NCX, intended for angles between and including walls and ceilings are best for bridge piers, beams, and the underside of the deck. This helps inspectors and asset managers identify deterioration and access deterioration in hard-to-access locations. 


Why Choose the Arcadis Niricson Bridge Health Service

Automated and machine-learning change detection allows asset owners to automatically map deterioration and quantify deterioration in their structures between two surveys. This allows asset owners to identify the location of change and quantity of change across their entire portfolio of assets, allowing for the best-possible deterioration modelling for designing maintenance and rehabilitation plans, as well as planning maintenance and rehabilitation budgets well into the future.

  • Eliminating uncertainty with 100% coverage of assets
  • Repeatable through time
  • Predictive capabilities and deterioration modelling

Trusted by municipalities, provinces and public infrastructure owners and operators globally:

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