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Cubic metres of NEWater per day


increase in water recycling rate 


TBM tunnels 

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The challenge

Singapore’s Deep Tunnel Sewerage System will completely replace the tiny island nation’s wastewater infrastructure with a network of tunnels, pipelines, water reclamation plants and ocean outfalls. One of the most ambitious wastewater management programs in the world, the $3.65 billion DTSS will allow Singapore to accommodate an expected population increase from 4.5 million to 5.5 million, reuse wastewater in beneficial ways, and redevelop land no longer needed for sewerage works.

The solution

By 2025, used water will be transported by gravity and 800,000 cubic metres of water will be treated each day into NEWater and Industrial-grade water for use. This will increase the overall water recycling rate in Singapore from 30% to up to 55% of total water demand. Our proactive management of the design schedule helped ED Zublin to be the first contract in the project to launch the TBM ahead of all other contractors. To enhance the reliability of used water system, it minimizes the risk of cross contamination between the water catchments and used water system.

The impact

Arcadis adopted an innovative approach in the tunnel design, leveraging on composite behavior, and adopting a full SFRC tunnel lining segment at selected tunnel stretches. Various interfaces were managed using robust design management methodology which enabled Arcadis to produce an economical and innovative design. Despite technical complexities, Arcadis attained the necessary approvals from authorities without impacting the construction schedule. Furthermore, we achieved cost and schedule savings in the hydraulic structures by value engineering.

Used capabilities

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