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Maintaining transparent and continuous communication with stakeholders is paramount to any program’s success. With safety and cost more pressing than ever, organizations are seeking efficient ways to engage their key audiences. CX 360 enables virtual, immersive public meetings, trainings and seminars from anywhere. It is a safe and sustainable approach to connecting with everyone you need to reach.


CX 360 offers a seamless, web-based platform to access and interact with complex engineering solutions in a simple and engaging format anytime, from anywhere. It is a flexible and customizable experience that serves as a next-generation alternative or addition to traditional in-person meetings.  CX 360 features include customizable 360 graphic environments, maps, videos, live streaming, live chat, hyperlinks, images, forms, dashboards, 3D model tools (BIM), chatbots and audio guides. Tour the platform and start your safe, sustainable event journey today.



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What clients say about CX 360
Connecting with our community and getting their input on the Bay Park Conveyance Project is pivotal to its success. This virtually hosted public meeting helped us safely engage local residents at their own convenience during COVID19. It offered a true alternative to an in-person public meeting and educated those interested in the project. The CX 360 tool was instrumental in building public support and further advancing the positive ecological impacts of the project,
Elisa C. Picca
Chief Deputy Commissioner, Nassau County Department of Public Works
Prasoon Sinha

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Prasoon Sinha, Chief Digital Officer, North America

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