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  • 21. April, 2015
  • Amsterdam

Teaming up for Urban Transformation at Realty, Provada and Expo Real

Amsterdam - Becoming stronger, more attractive and successful. Creating new opportunities. Being prepared for the risks that may arise. Cities and their stakeholders worldwide are investing in becoming more competitive in order to remain attractive to customers, residents, businesses, investors, new talent, knowledge institutions and visitors.

When searching for new strategies and solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow, it quickly becomes apparent that their complexity demands collaboration. To face challenges like increasing urbanisation, shifts in politics, the transition to a new, circular economy, climate change, the increasing scarcity of natural resources and new, groundbreaking technologies.

Public-private coalitions form the key to success. Governments, businesses, investors, knowledge institutions, developers, citizens and interest groups are inspiring, learning and strengthening one another and working together to create sustainable results for the city as a whole and for each of its stakeholders.

Teaming up for urban transformation. For sustainable economic development, the balanced distribution of wealth, perspective, talent development and employment opportunities, innovation, security and quality of living and new strategies for attracting investment and making it pay. It works.

That's why ARCADIS is sharing experience and networks via such platforms as the World Urban Campaign, World Business Council, C40 Connecting Delta Cities Network, Eurbanlab and numerous regional initiatives. We also stimulate the exchange of experience and best practices with research and publications and via platforms such as Realty (Brussels), PROVADA (Amsterdam) and EXPO Real (Munich).

REALTY, Brussels; 19 - 21 May 2015

A good conversation: is there a better way to discuss the future of urban transformation? Come visit our Urban Transformation Café at stand 2122 in Tour & Taxis.

PROVADA, Amsterdam; 2 - 4 June 2015

During PROVADA ARCADIS will share best practices and experiences with you at our stand and via various forums and master classes. We will address such topics as:

  • Teaming up for strong, resilient cities
  • Mobility Oriented Development:new enterpreneurship for ambitious station areas
  • Transformation of the periphery
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Community planning: new citizens' initiatives

EXPO REAL, Munich; 5 - 7 October 2015

Program under construction

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