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Water Distribution System Optimization Program

Flint, Michigan, USA - Preparing a water distribution system optimization plan to improve the reliability of the city’s water system now and in the future.


residents will have access to reliable, quality water

The City of Flint, Michigan owns and operates a water utility and distribution system comprised of nearly 600 miles of water main, 4,000 hydrants and 9,000 distribution system valves. The utility is responsible for delivering drinking water and collecting wastewater for approximately 100,000 people. In an attempt to save money, the city switched water sources in 2014 from Lake Huron to the Flint River. Following this change in water supply, the city experienced increases in tap lead (Pb) concentrations in customers’ homes, schools and businesses.

Flint’s water concerns were exacerbated by the condition of its aging infrastructure, which is oversized for the current population and, like much of the U.S. water infrastructure, in need of rehabilitation. The city is actively engaged in finding sustainable solutions that improve water quality for its residents.

The city hired Arcadis as the prime consultant to prepare a Water Distribution System Optimization Plan that will include determining short- and long-term operational strategies, standard operating procedures, rehabilitation needs and capital improvements. Together with our partners, Confluence Engineering Group, LLC, Cornwell Engineering and McConnell Communications, Inc., we will recommend industry-proven solutions focused on protecting public health, restoring public trust and confidence in the city’s water system, preventing a similar event from happening in the future, and strengthening the city’s economic viability.



residents will have access to reliable, quality water

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