• Capabilities: Site Evaluation and Restoration
  • Sectors: Power Generation and Distribution

Mohawk River Former MGP - Phase I and II

Amsterdam, NY, United States - A former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site is transformed to provide the Amsterdam community with a public waterfront park.


undeveloped industrial area is now a public waterfront park

Providing a community waterfront park to the people of Amsterdam

A site that was once a vacant, undeveloped industrial area in the center of Amsterdam is now a recreational park along the scenic Mohawk River.

When property owners discovered contaminants in the Mohawk River, development of a park adjacent to the river was halted. They soon committed to a “fast-track” assessment and clean-up to allow continued development of the park.

Arcadis conducted site investigations to determine the environmental condition of the site and to collect and evaluate samples for contamination. Arcadis then developed Remedial Work Plans, prepared the engineering design for remedial action, and ultimately oversaw the full-range of remedial construction activities over the next seven years. Arcadis also provided technical support during various negotiations with regulators during remedy selection and remediation to keep the project on track and on budget.

This work allowed construction of the park to recommence, leading to an on-time opening.

Arcadis planned, designed, and supported remedial construction activities like:

  • Installing a barrier wall around the perimeter of the area
  • Installing an engineered cap
  • Removing impacted materials, including certain piping located in subsurface areas
  • Collection from non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) recovery wells inside the barrier wall and
  • Removing the contents of a former gas holder

These efforts contained, removed, and prevented further exposure of the former gas plant contaminants to the park and river areas protecting wildlife and recreational areas. 



undeveloped industrial area is now a public waterfront park

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