BIM and 3D Modeling help reduce traffic and protect wetlands in Northeast Florida

Northeast Florida is a burgeoning region, home to the most populous city in Florida, Jacksonville, as well as one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S., St. Johns. St. Johns County has experienced 23.7% population growth since 2010, which has sparked economic development but has also contributed to heavy congestion on roadways.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) sought to provide traffic relief to nearby I-95 and I-295, which were both heavily used by work commuters from the south. FDOT decided to build a new interstate spur, State Road 9B, to begin at an interchange with St. Johns Parkway heading north and terminate at an interchange with 1-295.

This new interchange has reduced daily traffic demand by 18-20 % from the adjacent interchange ramps.

In 2010, FDOT started building a new state highway to reduce congestion in the northeast part of the state. The agency embraced 3D modeling and BIM to provide a safer construction zone, improve speed and efficiency, and mitigate risk.

Following the completion of the first segment of SR 9B, from I-295 to U.S. 1, FDOT selected Arcadis and Superior Construction to design and construct two adjacent segments of SR 9B. The second segment of SR 9B included 3.16 miles of interstate and one mile of six-lane urban roadway construction to connect US 1 to 1-95. The third and final segment included the final 2.3 miles of interstate to connect to St. Johns county. As the transportation infrastructure would span across more than 70 acres of wetlands, the team also needed to build more than half a mile of bridges to minimize wetland impacts.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and the associated 3D digital twins enabled the team to plan and prepare for future scenarios, and visually interpret all of the data points and models that had been developed. After evaluating all of the information, Arcadis provided Superior Construction with a design plan that was compatible with the latest 3D modeling technologies. Equipped with the appropriate information in a usable format, Superior Construction used customized AMG, Automated Machine Guidance, construction equipment to physically build the road. Leveraging this innovative approach helped reduce the number of employees at construction sites, which protected health and safety, reduced costs and mitigated the risk of errors.

Successfully completing the addition of State Route 9B in Northeast Florida adds to Arcadis’ growing portfolio with the Florida DOT, including I-95 at LPGA Boulevard, I-295 at SR 13 and I-95 at St. Augustine Road. Combining our strong digital and design approach with our continued relationship with FDOT, additional government agencies and contractor partners were instrumental in delivering a successful transportation project for Florida.

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