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By leveraging drone technology, organizations can mitigate risk through innovative data collection. From site surveying and evaluation, construction project monitoring and emergency response planning, drones have incredible potential in the engineering and consultancy industry.

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Surveying and evaluating large areas of land, property or industrial sites can be time consuming and costly. Combining environmental expertise, FAA certified drone pilots and state-of-the-art equipment, Arcadis utilizes drones to quickly, safely and accurately assess a clients’ needs.

Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), commonly known as drones, mitigate the safety concerns associated with sending employees into the unsafe conditions or harsh terrain and use high-quality sensors to pick up details and information that the human eye cannot detect. Capturing sharper, more insightful images and gathering more data points faster, drones are reshaping the realities of site monitoring, remediation and emergency response.

Drones serve as a first step in more efficient, cost-effective and thorough data collection. Arcadis’ comprehensive and scalable approach toward data collection, management and visualization works together to unlock the full potential of digital for our clients’ projects. When used correctly, digital solutions like drones enable faster, safer, simpler and more informed management of your natural and built assets.

Our 20+ FAA-certified drone pilots are certified surveyors, environmental experts and engineers. To better resolve complex challenges and achieve our clients’ goals, we handpick the best pilot and drone for each specific project.

What’s the value of drones?

  • Protect health & safety
  • Increase volume and speed of data collection
  • Improve data accuracy and resolution
  • Reduce costs

Learn more about our drone solutions:

Using drone technology, a major landfill project was able to better manage project progress and protect the health and safety of employees on-site. Check out this video to learn more about how drones can help transform the client experience.

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Jason Diamond

Drones Community of Practice Lead 813 267 9904 Ask me a question
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