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Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium Development

London, United Kingdom - The redevelopment of Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium will be a key new landmark for Tottenham and for London. As a major new sports and entertainment complex, the new stadium will increase capacity to over 62,000. It is intended to set a benchmark for how modern stadiums will become more than just a sports venue, but an entertainment hub for fans and the wider community to enjoy.

Over 62,000


One of-a-kind

retractable pitch
Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium Development

Working with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC), Arcadis is delivering Commercial Management expertise and Lenders Technical Advisory services for the redevelopment of the football club’s new stadium. Crucially, the redevelopment work happened while still maintaining and operating the stadium during the 2016/17 season while the new stadium was constructed around it.

The new stadium has been designed as multi-use from the very outset, boasting the UK’s first pitch capable of retracting underneath the stadium in three separate sections and with a purpose-built NFL pitch underneath. Once completed, the new stadium will become a dedicated home for American football in the UK and will host games every year for the next ten years. However, thanks to this structurally engineered retractable pitch, the football playing surface will always be kept in perfect condition.

The stadium will have a total capacity of more than 62,000 seats. The new South stand – or ‘home end’ of the pitch – will alone have a capacity of 17,500, making it the largest single tier stand in England. With a tightly atmospheric stadium bowl and an asymmetrical design focused towards the Southern ‘home end’ of the stadium, the design is intended to bring fans closer to the pitch and help generate an exciting wall of sound.

With a view to ensuring the experience is truly inclusive, the design will include superb facilities for supporters with disabilities and their companions, with a range of viewing positions in every part of the ground. It will be the only stadium to allow for such flexibility of seating, which means that disabled fans can be seated with their families.

The fan experience has been placed at the very heart of the redevelopment plans, and the new stadium will be home to the world’s first stadium micro-brewery, and feature one of the longest bars in Europe at 68 metres in length. A significantly enhanced hospitality offering will also include a variety of new lounges and innovative dining and match-day experiences, along with conference and banqueting facilities that will enable the Stadium to remain active 365 days a year.

There will also be a unique ‘Sky Walk’ visitor attraction, giving fans and the public alike the opportunity to climb the exterior of the building up to 40 metres high and abseil down from the summit to the podium on the South stand.

Understanding customer trends and the importance of the wider match-day experience is key to the approach. The Club is working to introduce wireless connectivity across the whole venue, helping to enhance the fan experience and cater for future technological demands and developments. The stadium will also be the first in the world to use only LED lighting across all the stadium areas. This will result in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.  

Managing Risk

Working closely with the Board of Tottenham Hotspur Football club and their financiers, Bank of America, HSBC and Goldman Sachs, Arcadis played a leading technical role in defining the commercial execution strategy for the project and assisting in the process of raising private finance.The club chose to execute the redevelopment project through a construction management form of procurement route, which typically places more risk on the client to manage any potential cost over-runs and programme delays. Arcadis undertook various stress tests to assess the approach being taken by the club and their Construction Manager (Mace) to manage risk.

It was the first time a large-scale stadium project in the UK has used this form of procurement. However, with a strong knowledge of trade contracting parties, stadium suppliers and a database of over 100 stadiums delivered around the world, Arcadis has been able to guide the club in making the best strategic decisions around development and delivery, diligently helping to de-risk the project.

Key to enabling the development of complex stadium construction projects is the ability of the club owner and project development team to secure permits and acquire land to allow the construction of the stadium to proceed without delay. We worked with the club to help them consider all potential site-associated risks that could delay Phase 1 and 2 of the construction progress and have worked closely with the wider project team to maximise certainty of delivery across the programme.

Most significantly, the risk of construction work being delayed has been mitigated by: 

  • The club has recruited in-house specialist planning expertise to resolve complex planning and permit related matters; 
  • This has resulted in stronger stakeholder to secure the appropriate statutory authority consents, increasing both the value and quality of the scheme;
  • Securing the necessary planning approvals to allow construction activities to commence and continue without delay or restraint for over 18 months;
  • Maximising the land available around White Hart Lane to maintain construction momentum and overall productivity. The club and project team have strategically secured a number of sites to maximise construction productivity, including securing land ownership for sites for:
  1. The washing of gravel excavated from the stadium site and the batching and delivery of concrete to the site. The position of the batching site is just 500m from the main construction site, meaning that operations are more sustainable, and more space is created on the stadium construction site. It has also generated cost savings from re-processed gravel and provided greater certainty around the construction schedule; 

  2. The club has also taken a lease on a disused gas holder site, which is being used as a holding area for a number of key construction elements to enable ‘just in time’ deliveries that will meet an aggressive construction programme.  Again, this provides the club with greater assurance that the schedule windows can be met.

Did you know?

We have strong expertise in the project, cost management and financing of stadium projects and have utilised the specialist knowledge of our technical stadium financing team to help the club secure the largest private financing facility in the Premier League.

  • Arcadis has advised on over £5bn of sports stadia projects
  • Arcadis has helped sports club’s owners successfully deliver over 600,000 seats. Currently we are advising on the development of 170,000 seats on sports projects in the UK
  • We have strong relationships with suppliers and contractors in the Sports Industry with over 90 supplier agreements under management, equating to £500mn of capital costs
  • Our Sports team are experienced advisors with the principal Partners having between 20 years’ experience in the sector 

"Every stadium has its challenges and technical complexities. However, what differentiates Tottenham is the continual drive that THFC have in raising standards, elevating the customer experience, and challenging the project team to be innovative in design, delivery approach and stadium functionality”

Paul Mitchell, Partner, Arcadis Stadia
Tottenham Hotspur Football Stadium Development


Over 62,000


One of-a-kind

retractable pitch


single tier stand in the UK

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