Our journey to an electric vehicle fleet

United Kingdom - The case for electrifying fleets is getting stronger; from reduced Co2 emissions and improved air quality to increased vehicle range and more available charging points, it’s clear to see why many companies are switching to an electric vehicle fleet.

It’s not just the benefits that make now the perfect time start thinking about transitioning to an electric vehicle fleet. The UK Government has recently brought forward, by 5 years, the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2035.

Our journey 

Here at Arcadis, we have a fleet of over 30 vehicles of various shapes and sizes, but all were diesel fuelled, because of economics and availability at the time of purchase. 

Over the last year, we have explored ways to update our diesel fleet to more sustainable options and experienced first-hand the challenges of deciding which vehicles offer the best balance of efficiency, lease arrangements and load-carrying capability. We have recently taken ownership of our first two Plug-in Hybrid vehicles to kick-off our journey in reducing our carbon footprint. 

Our vehicles are being installed with advanced telemetry systems to monitor how they are used, for example how many trips they take, how long for and where they are going etc. We will then analyse that data and make an assessment to determine the most suitable ultra-low emission vehicle and the most appropriate electric vehicle charging solutions.

The Fleet Electrification Solution

We are delighted to be using our in-house expertise to transition our business fleet of vehicles. But for other businesses without this knowledge, it’s not always easy. Most organisations need help working out how and when they should make the transition to electric vehicles in the most effective way. 

Here’s how, with our Fleet Electrification solution, Arcadis can create a bespoke solution for your organisation that demonstrates how to reduce costs and Co2 emissions and realise other identified benefits: 

  • Understanding – we analyse your fleet, properties, and organisation.
  • Optimising – we use predictive analytics to give a range of bespoke scenarios for vehicle procurement and associated infrastructure, which take into consideration your objectives and constraints.
  • Visualising – we produce a recommendation report, based on market intelligence and your optimised plan, to find the best electric vehicle solution for you and your organisation.
  • Deliver – we help you to deliver this by implementing the agreed plan – including change management, procurement support, programme and project management and supply and installation of associated charging infrastructure – and continue the journey with you.

Get in touch

To find out more about how Arcadis can create a bespoke electric vehicle solution for you, get in contact with Simon Swan, Future Mobility Director at Arcadis. 


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