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Training our Dutch road traffic related clients in Smart Mobility

The Netherlands - Smart Mobility is changing the world and our roads at a rapid pace. Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch asset manager for national road and waterway infrastructure, plays a key role in integrating mobility and digital information provisions. Arcadis, collaborating with Savant Learning Partners, is guiding Rijkswaterstaat employees towards the future of mobility.

Smart Mobility has a prominent place in the Rijkswaterstaat multiannual strategy towards 2020. They consider it as one of the most important transitions in the next thirty years. While planning, building, operating and maintaining their infrastructure, Rijkswaterstaat is already anticipating  the further development of smart vehicles. An example is the deployment of  roadside systems that can communicate with vehicles to improve the traffic flow in the future. Smarter data streams also take carpool apps like Toogethr – the one we use at Arcadis Netherlands to plan our trips - to a higher level.

Smart Mobility is about integrating mobility, digital information and technology. An integrated system will promote efficient, safe and sustainable use of the infrastructure and help users to make smart choices. It’s involving navigation on smartphones and from autonomous vehicles. Moreover, Smart Mobility is not limited to road traffic; it concerns all traffic modes. Therefore, water and rail based traffic with the possible interactions between modes shouldn’t be overlooked in this respect. Technological innovations in the future will help move travelers and goods from A to B in a safer, faster and more convenient way. Applying Smart Mobility also provides opportunities to decrease our traffic’s impact on the environment.

Autonomous vehicles spark our imagination, with both positive and negative examples. And of course, the current systems are far from perfect. But in five years’ time we will see much progress in this field. This will result in a period of years where the traffic around us will consist of a mix of vehicles with different levels of intelligence and automation.

Sharing the basic principles

For Rijkswaterstaat and other Dutch government organizations involved, Arcadis together with Savant Learning Partners develops inspirational training days about Smart Mobility. Through the course of 2017 six Arcadis experts will bring about 500 Rijkswaterstaat employees up to speed on the basic principles of Smart Mobility. The training consists of courses and workshops, focused around questions on safety, privacy and the liability of vehicle owners. The training also focuses on the social impact and human factors in an increasingly technology based environment. To give people a ‘hands-on’ experience in what’s about to come, driving the latest models of self-driving cars is part of the training. We find this really adds to the understanding of the matter at hand.

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