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China - Successfully managed the localization and implementation of Esprit’s new global store concept into the China market, and bettering existing cost benchmarks through central sourcing, value engineering and innovation


reduction in store costs

3 weeks

store construction periods shortened

Arcadis was appointed to provide Program and Design Management services to localize and roll-out Esprit's new global store concept, and to implement a central sourcing system. Our team initiated this project by conducting a system audit of the existing store development process, spanning both owned retail and wholesale retail. 

We recommended a refreshed store development strategy that was focused on the design, procurement and delivery of retail stores.


Our team customized the new brand concept for the China market and developed a store matrix to help categorise store types by cost and brand profile for different locations. Each store type was procured through central sourcing and also bench-marked against the superseded designs for review. A new design review system was then implemented for all stores in order to drive higher compliance with the new concept and train outsourced design partners on the new design principles. 


A central sourcing exercise was conducted for store fixtures and mannequins by leveraging the volume of stores included in the regional roll-out, we were able to drive costs.

New manufacturers were selected through a careful pre-qualification and tender process before passing through a prototyping and inspection program. We were able to eliminate the requirement for tendering each project and reduce store construction schedules by 3-4 weeks.


All stores delivered were captured in consolidated tracker reports that showed each key milestone from real estate acquisition through to store opening. This system allowed the team to quickly identify and act upon any bottlenecks in design, landlord approvals or construction, so that the roll-out was maintained on schedule.

Overall, the benefits that were realized for Esprit included: 

  • Lowered store costs by 15% through the implementation of central sourcing, terms tenders and value engineering 
  • Designed new reporting tools that enabled faster resolution of bottlenecks in owned retail and wholesale projects 
  • Provided retail sales teams with local store formats that reflected the global brand and market demand from landlords and developers 
  • Reduced construction schedules by up to 2-3 weeks, or up to 20% of the overall project timeline through implementation of term contracts 
  • Within 12 months, a model was in place to enable ESPRIT to roll-out retail and wholesale stores in line with their expansion targets whilst also maintaining clear visibility on cost and quality 



reduction in store costs

3 weeks

store construction periods shortened

Clear visibility

on cost and quality

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