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The challenge

The current station area on the city-center side of Eindhoven is highly fragmented, a look that does not match this city known as a center of high-tech, design and knowledge. Moreover, Eindhoven is growing rapidly and the city urgently needs new housing, retail, hotels, restaurants and study facilities. The city authorities were looking for a comprehensive solution that would meet all these needs and make Eindhoven a sustainable, innovative and economic hotspot.


The solution

The plans for District E, by developer Amvest, provided the solution for this area, with three towers at heights of 76 to 158 meters that create a powerful look. District E is a perfect match for Brainport Eindhoven and offers plenty of space and opportunities for technology, design and knowledge. With their flexible architecture and installation technology, the towers also fit perfectly with the city center and the larger buildings along the rail track and on the university campus. In addition, the renovated station area will soon accommodate 450 homes (for social housing tenants), a hotel, workplaces, study areas, retail, restaurants, and debate, meeting and exhibition spaces.



    District E will also bring huge benefits for road users. The existing roads prevent efficient traffic flow and will therefore be incorporated into a shared space that will also provide more room for cyclists. A sloping bicycle roundabout will lead to an underground storage area for 4500 bicycles. The safety of pedestrians has also been taken into account, with a circular pavement design emphasizing the different pathway directions. The plan also factors in the extreme weather conditions resulting from climate change. During heavy rain showers, for example, water is drained to a large underground water tank, which is used for cooling on hot days. The square will be planted with a wide variety of trees, and will also house a water course, water playgrounds and a waterfall. 

    During the tender phase, Arcadis contributed to the plans for mobility and traffic solutions. We also developed the construction principles, including the building material concept, the installations, the heat and cold storage system and the pipework. In addition, we helped advise on noise issues, external safety with regard to the rail track, the integral sustainability concept and an integral water concept. We will also develop the installation concept for the new building on behalf of Amvest.  

The impact

District E will transform the fragmented and cluttered station area on the city-center side of Eindhoven into a modern, safe and sustainable residential area. Road users will benefit from improved traffic flow, and the city will gain much-needed new living space and new study and leisure facilities. With this extensive project, Eindhoven's image as a center for technology, design and knowledge will receive an extra boost. The renovated station area will become a destination in its own right for Eindhoven's residents and visitors alike.


Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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