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reduction in overall CO2 in the area

24,000 m²

of redeveloped city area


in areas for bicycle and pedestrian usage (no vehicle access)

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The Challenge

Piazzale Loreto is currently a smoggy, traffic-congested intersection, a part of the city you want to avoid rather than visit. In collaboration with C40, the Municipality of Milan has announced an invitation to tender for the international 'Reinventing Cities' program, which seeks to bring the square back to its former glory, restoring its social significance and improving the quality of life for those who live in the area. That's why we have taken part in the Loreto Open Community (LOC) project, in which we strive for a sustainable and integrated approach that will revolutionize one of Milan's main traffic hubs.

The Solution

LOC won the tender thanks to its resilience-based concept, which will transform Loreto into a new green meeting place with a large reforestation area and a public space designed especially for the surroundings. This project will revolutionize Piazzale Loreto, creating an urban district on a human scale while continuing to maintain its role as a focal point for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Milan and its citizens will therefore be given back its city landmark, which will be elevated as an icon for environmental sustainability, slow mobility and social life.


    The redevelopment project arose from listening to the region, and the community will continue to be involved in discussions until the final implementation of its design: a system of squares articulated over three different levels with new forms of mobility in a sustainable and multipurpose hub. This will all be set within a green oasis containing 500 new trees planted directly on permeable ground.

The Impact

The impact that LOC will have on the immediate surroundings is estimated to total 24,000 m2 of city area redeveloped and returned to the community. It will be well connected to NoLo to ensure smooth access to Corso Buenos Aires, Viale Monza and Viale Padova.

12,118 m2 will be set aside for bicycles and pedestrians, 5,382 m2 for vehicle access roads, 4,250 m2 for greenery, and photovoltaic panels will cover a surface area of 4,745 m2. The project will create an inclusive, open-air green square, designed for people but still paying close attention to traffic, which will finally become more fluid and flow better thanks to this project. The entire area will become a hub of activity and will include a new neighborhood trade district, a local kindergarten, co-working spaces and recreational and socio-cultural spaces, all against a harmonious backdrop where steps and ramps connect the various levels.


    LOC was spearheaded by Ceetrus-Nhood and coordinated by Arcadis Italia as the environmental consultant responsible for the project, development management and engineering. This project endeavors to become an example for Milanese living, promoting public and collective space.

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