intersections bypassed with up to 30% travel time saving and more reliable trips for locals, tourists, businesses, and freight

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less likely to crash for roads users and makes travel safer.


engineering tools help delivered a new standard for quality at the early stage of concept design

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The challenge

The Albion Park Rail bypass will greatly improve the travel experience by slashing peak commute times, reducing traffic congestion and creating better safety conditions along the Sydney Motorway.

Arcadis partnered with Cardno and our client Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to deliver the concept design, environmental assessment and site investigations for the 9.8km Albion Park Rail bypass, with significant benefits to a growing local community expected to face major traffic congestion issues within the next 20 years, including road closures during annual periods of flooding.


    In delivery of the project, the Arcadis team used its expertise in delivering multidisciplinary services including engineering design, geotechnical investigations, complex traffic modelling, flood modelling, aviation, ecology and heritage assessment, urban design and community and stakeholder engagement. Arcadis also carried out careful investigation of multiple environmental, ecological, heritage and socio-economic factors to address the needs of a complex range of stakeholders.

    Arcadis demonstrated its leadership through strong project management capabilities to achieve challenging delivery milestones within the agreed budgets, despite significant changes to scope and client requirements. The Arcadis team applied innovative collaborative thinking to deliver industry leading technical solutions supported by new technology and tools.

The solution

The Albion Park Rail bypass is a major NSW road infrastructure project to bypass 6 sets of traffic lights and 16 intersections between Heathcote and Bomaderry, bringing enormous benefits to all types of road users, primarily enabling them to spend less time in the car commuting each day.

To deliver the project, Arcadis implemented a number of new techniques, technology and ideas. By using the online GIS platform in place of drawings, Arcadis was able to quickly progress the early phase of the project and share designs within an ambitious 10-week timeline. The GIS portal also enabled the effective collating of data for analysis and further recommendations, and was a critical tool enabling a fast and effective approach to problem solving.


    Further Arcadis-led innovation was demonstrated through the development of a Federated Building Information Model (BIM) at the concept stage, which was a first for Arcadis and TfNSW. This work was undertaken by the Arcadis’ off-shore design centre in Manila, who were able to cost-effectively deliver the significant development needed for the BIM modelling. Arcadis’ NSW BIM team then integrated traditional road geometry and cross section displays into the main BIM model, greatly assisting in design review.

    Through the use of innovative digital tools coupled with a wealth of experience and capability, Arcadis was able to analyse early phase project planning in terms of value for money and impact on traffic, flooding and the environmental impacts. The team also delivered a detailed Environmental Impact Statement, devised design solutions to minimise property impacts and achieved Department of Planning approval for a design solution within the timeframe and budget that the NSW government had publicly announced. 

The impact

The most critical impact of the Albion Park Rail bypass is the reduction of road congestion, while providing an effective link between Sydney and Bomaderry. The successful delivery of the project would cut morning northbound travel times by up to 65%, with a similar percentage southbound saving in the pm peak. This reduction in travel times throughout the day will greatly improve the quality of life for road users.

The Albion Park Rail bypass also reduces the impact of annual flooding on the roads. The new motorway will provide an alternative route to the existing Princes Highway and replace the section of the Illawarra Highway most affected by flooding. The business case modelling provided an overwhelming economic endorsement of the project.


    In terms of community improvements, the project includes changes and upgrades to the local regional Croom sporting complex including new club-houses, netball courts, a cricket pitch, rugby fields and extensive additional parking.

    The project also proudly engaged local Aboriginal residents to undertake archaeological investigations for the project, ensuring great care and a local knowledge-based approach was taken with these important cultural investigations.

    The realization of the Albion Rail bypass will have a major positive impact within the surrounding communities, reducing travel times and increasing road safety for locals, tourists, businesses, and freight operators in the New South Wales South Coast region. 

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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