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increase in EV charging bays across the UK

400 stores

with EV charging bays

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The challenge

How many of us have considered switching to an electric vehicle, but been put off by concerns about how and where to charge it? Now, imagine if it could be as straightforward as doing your grocery shop? With petrol and diesel cars gradually being phased out, we need to make it easier for people to make more sustainable, environmentally-conscious choices. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing with Tesco. As one of the UK’s largest retailers, helping it design and install charge points across nearly 400 stores nationwide will make a huge difference. Millions more people will be able to conveniently access charging points, as quickly and easily as buying a pint of milk.

The solution

To help Tesco plan, deliver and install the nation’s largest retail electric vehicle (EV) charging network we had to take a view across a huge portfolio of stores. The sheer scale of the project - encompassing multiple charge points all over the country – called for a carefully coordinated approach, and this is where Arcadis came in. Our role was to provide project, programme management and process consultancy services to make sure that the EV charging points were installed as efficiently as possible.


    People have busy lives, and we knew it was important for customers to have easy access to the new bays. Choosing locations that were easily visible, but which also wouldn’t cause any disruption for other customers wanting to get in and out of the store – either during installation or later use – was a key priority. We also needed to co-ordinate activities and avoid clashes with any other initiatives that either Tesco or its partners might be undertaking.


    This meant working with a wide and complex range of stakeholders, being flexible and adapting our approach in line with different sites and situations. At the same time, we needed to make sure that all technical standards and planning principles were being scrutinized and adhered to. If we detected any inconsistencies or risks, we were able to suggest changes in approach that would be more efficient and ultimately ensure that the electric chargers were installed to the highest standards, and in the quickest and least disruptive way possible.


    By embedding clear processes and full guidelines for all areas of activity - from survey and installation to final handover – we were able to ensure consistency and accuracy across all the contractors involved in the project.

The impact

Reinforcing a commitment to sustainability

With climate change increasingly at the forefront of the agenda, we all want to try and do our bit towards helping the environment. This project is a core part of Tesco’s commitment to supporting its customers with more sustainable solutions. When complete, it will mark a 14% increase in the number of public charging bays in the UK, making it easier for people to recharge whenever and wherever they are.

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