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Kilometers of new lines, 90% of which in tunnels 


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Million travelers per day 

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The Grand Paris Express is the largest infrastructure project in Europe.

The project plans to double the number of kilometers of subway lines to bring lle-de-France residents closer together and offer them a sustainable alternative to cars. The transport network – the true lifeblood of the Paris Metropolitan Area – will allow many urban projects to be developed near the railway stations and improve the mobility of local residents and visitors. The four new lines – the 15, 16, 17 and 18 – will mainly be dug underground to limit any nuisance or inconvenience on the surface.

The solution

Grand Paris is already dense, and its underground is full of networks of all kinds: electricity, sanitation, drinking water, gas, etc. To manage the risks, uncertainty, and complexity of the underground space, the Société du Grand Paris (SGP), which is in charge of the works, has called on many specialized engineering firms renowned for their technical expertise to carry out this delicate task. Among these, Arcadis is working on lines 15, 16 and 17 with its partners Artelia and BG within the Artemis group, and with Ingerop and Artelia on line 18 within the ICARE group.

The Grand Paris Express is not limited to a transport network. It extends to a perimeter of 400 meters around the stations. There are therefore many diverse actors and stakeholders: the State, Île-de-France mobility, the RATP, the SNCF, municipalities, general councils, etc. They do not all possess a perfect understanding of the highly technical subjects and Arcadis is taking action to help the SGP to teach them.

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    Taking the solutions

    On the construction sites of lines 15, 16 and 17, all around the immense tunnel boring machines digging into the ground, there are many parties involved. Everyone has a score to play, and Arcadis and its partners are tasked with setting everything to music. The most significant challenge is achieving successful communication, in order to ensure that everyone fulfills their mission effectively and in collaboration with other stakeholders. In addition to the daily meetings Arcadis holds as project management assistants, it uses comprehensive modeling tools such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) for its models. They provide a clear view of project progress and the role of each stakeholder. An ongoing dialogue is held with SGP’s spokespeople, and Arcadis helps to oversee deliverables. Arcadis has a comprehensive and daily vision of the project and its schedules. This day-to-day monitoring makes it easier to identify priorities and make decisions, allowing studies and projects to be adapted in an agile and responsive manner. This flexibility ensures that the structures are delivered quickly and on time.

    In its role as Project Manager on line 18, Arcadis leads the development of underground works, in particular by drawing on its highly technical skills from major underground infrastructure projects. 

The Grand Paris Express brings the Grand Paris project to life, drawing the territories and their inhabitants closer together.

This collective project shows the ability of its stakeholders to agree to move forward with a common goal, with a shared ideal. Managing the development of this colossal project means bringing life to this ideal before it is realized. This is exactly what Arcadis and its partners are doing, working hand-in-hand so that the Grand Paris Express can improve the mobility and daily life of Paris area residents.

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