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170,000 m2


14,500 m2



sidewalk and road drains

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The challenge

After more than twenty years, Almere's Regenboogbuurt, which is located in the Almere Buiten district north-east of the city, is in need of a revamp. The ground in the area has sunk significantly in several places and the neighborhood frequently has to contend with water-logging and heat stress. Dusseldorp ISM has instructed Arcadis to join the construction team and assist with the major overhaul of this colorful neighborhood.


The solution

By renovating the Regenboogbuurt, the municipality of Almere wants to improve the quality of the living environment. The neighborhood has existed since the 1990s and after more than twenty years, it is beginning to show signs of age. The project includes raising the level of the ground and repaving the streets. In addition, the municipality of Almere is planning to tackle the hard surfacing and sewerage systems to improve water drainage capacity, and the neighborhood’s landscaping will also receive a makeover.



    The experts from Arcadis will join the construction team to assist with the engineering and implementation design phases of the climate-adaptive redesign of the area. For example, we are contributing sustainable filling materials to raise the level of the ground and prevent further soil deterioration in the neighborhood. We are also creating a sustainability web and dashboard where the municipality can record sustainability requirements — including the use of sustainable materials and factors such as the experience of residents. These tools will enable us to test whether the solutions are in line with a circular economy.

The impact

The extensive renovation of the Regenboogbuurt will improve the quality of life of the residents in every way. The level of roads and sidewalks will be raised, and water-logging will soon be a thing of the past. The redesign of the hard surfacing, soil and sewerage system will allow water to drain away more effectively during heavy rain showers, without placing any additional burden on the drains. The finishing touch is the makeover of the neighborhood's landscaping, which will help keep the area cool in warm weather.


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