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Our Strategy – Creating a Sustainable Future Mega trends shaping society, shifting competitive landscape

Today’s society is facing several strong mega trends:

Arcadis’ competitive landscape is rapidly changing, with altering client patterns, a rapidly increasing shift to digital, industry consolidation and a scarcity of qualified people.


Both the mega trends and the changing competitive landscape create opportunities for society, our clients & stakeholders and Arcadis. Opportunities lie in co-creating sustainable and resilient cities, build smart infrastructural solutions and the joint development of future proof industries.

Our strategy

Supported by three pillars, Arcadis’ 2018-2020 strategy, named Creating a Sustainable Future, builds on the mega trends to position us as the Design and Consultancy for Sustainable and resilient cities, smart infrastructural solutions and future-proof industries.


People & Culture

We want to put people first. Through our projects and long lasting positive impact on society, we engage people. We create an environment where all our people can be at their best and we invest on them to build the workforce of the future. Living our values without compromising, we deliver our sustainability ambitions to drive business value and to improve quality of life.

Innovation & Growth

We want to excel in integrated and sustainable solutions for clients and to become a digital frontrunner in our industry. We advise and deliver sustainable solutions to our clients, solving their most complex challenges. Digital innovation is the lynchpin of our offerings and allow us to provide better solutions to our clients, faster: from scaling existing technologies such as BIM to the incubation of new innovative solutions in co-creation with clients. 

We combine local strength with global reach. By combining deep client relations and local market knowledge with a strong global network, we bring new insights to clients with our market, assets and digital knowledge.

Focus and Performance

We will focus our efforts and resources where we can lead and make the difference at client, local and global levels.

We will deliver client and project excellence through more focused, consistent and improved client selection and project delivery.

Flexible, fit for purpose and competitive delivery models allow us to optimize delivery across the different actors in the entire value chain. We leverage our Global Excellence Centers, resulting in a one-team approach and higher value for our clients.

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Further details can be found on the Investor section of our website.

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