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We have supported some of the world’s most heavily congested cities with strategic approaches that view transportation in a holistic way: one that protects and enhances lives. We shape our communities' future by developing action‐oriented plans and match each community’s vison.

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Urban and Transportation Planning

Arcadis takes a holistic approach to identifying local issues, resources and opportunities. This provides a snapshot of the community and an understanding of the context from which to build.  Our philosophy channels growth into a high‐quality living and working environment. One that preserves the characteristics of a community necessary for continued growth. Arcadis focuses on developing action‐oriented plans that are flexible and realistic to match a community’s needs and capabilities.  Urban Planning: “We are improving our cities’ infrastructure and our quality of life, helping to ensure a stronger, smarter future. Click here to find out more.”

Permitting and Compliance/NEPA

With our vast experience working on Federal and State regulated projects, our compliance team has gained an in-depth understanding of regulations, needs and best practices to support our clients. We work directly with you to ensure that compliance issues are addressed and will not affect operations. Using our knowledge, we can help you to develop and implement compliance assurance strategies and programs tailored to the regulations and permit requirements for the wide variety of your projects.

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Keith Golden

Market Sector Leader 770 431 8666 Ask me a question
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