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Waste and Coal Ash Management

Varying environmental regulations, including increasingly stringent waste disposal protocols, coupled with heightened community involvement and media scrutiny drive the considerable need for a comprehensive approach to solid waste management projects. Our team has successfully completed work on landfills and waste management sites around the world for industrial, mining and utility clients, most recently focusing their collective efforts on ash handling and disposal facility management projects.

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Although, coal-fired power facilities have been the backbone of the U.S. energy supply for more than a century, utility companies are progressively switching to natural gas and alternative energy sources. In April 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its Final Rule on Coal Combustion Residuals Generated by Electric Utilities, providing further incentive for forward-thinking project teams that offer strategic insights, technical support and stakeholder engagement services. In addition to groundwater and structural integrity testing and monitoring, the ruling requires public disclosure and transparency of the results and data.

Our team includes an integrated network of professionals to support your waste management and coal ash issues throughout the entire lifecycle from new facility siting & permitting, evaluation of existing facilities, and facility design and construction, through operational support, ex-situ and in-situ groundwater remediation and monitoring, closure, and post-closure care.

“We have long recognized the intrinsic value of an integrated solid waste management approach that incorporates planning, waste reduction, material recovery and processing, and viable, environmentally sound material disposal.”

Our team has proven experience working with various regulators and power and utility clients to successfully address state and federal regulatory issues and we work closely with our clients to engineer safe containment facilities that meet state and federal requirements.

Arcadis is knowledgeable and engaged in evolving rules, regulations and policy. We assist our clients by developing cost effective and appropriate strategies for facility closure.

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Rick Kenter

Vice President 513 985 8034 Ask me a question
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