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Looking after your business is at the heart of everything we do. Full environmental compliance is only the price of admission and something you should assume is a given in our service delivery. Through our Strategic Environment Consulting solutions, we ensure that every aspect of your operations are not only fully environmentally compliant, but that they align with your business priorities, are fiscally feasible, and are sustainable for the long-term.

Ian Achterkirch

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Like any organization, operating your facilities and conducting your core business is presents numerous safety challenges and environmental risks. Any missteps can not only hinder your bottom line performance, but negatively impact your company’s reputation. Managing this process can be a very complex affair. Taking control of all the risk factors and environmental hazards can help your company remain focused on your core business, maximize value to the bottom line, and be good stewards of the environment and community.

We combine our world class technical resources with management consulting expertise to offer you innovative, practical, sustainable solutions to better manage your risk exposure and minimize disruption. Our experts can help seamlessly integrate information from across your operations to create efficiencies and empower you to make quicker decisions. That means continuous improvement and ultimately enterprise-wide business transformation. We focus on our business, so you can focus on yours.

Associated services: 

- Due Diligence 

- Environmental Management Systems 

- Environmental and Safety Auditing 

- Information Driven Performance

- Industrial Safety & Process Risk Management 

- Strategic Consulting

- Enterprise Management of Large Systems


FieldNow® is a service provided to our customers using an electronic data collection program, designed to capture 100% of data-digitally. Through the use of our program, we are able to capture the most valuable information relating to your business quickly, so that we can begin analyzing and delivering results faster. The insights generated from the FieldNow™ service help you simplify decision-making, connect all stakeholders, and reduce costs. Learn more about how digital can transform your experience here.

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Ian Achterkirch

Vice President – Strategic Environmental Consulting 832 682 9282 Ask me a question
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