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Rapid population growth has led to congestion, hazards, and delays on our highways and roadways. In the face of new challenges from emerging trends in the industry, transportation system improvements are needed to get people where they’re going quickly and safely.

Prasoon Sinha

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Focused on creating sustainable solutions

Traffic congestion across the U.S. has led to increased fuel consumption, travel time and stress, making communities less livable, productive, and sustainable.

To combat these ongoing challenges, Arcadis’ teams of intelligent transportation system designers and traffic engineers can develop smart and customized strategies to deliver reliable, safe, and cost-effective mobility and infrastructure performance.

We work with clients in all phases of the intelligent transportation system lifecycle: beginning with planning and design through to system integration and operation. We use the latest computer technology and software to discover and implement the most practical and constructible solutions: whether dealing with a small closed-loop system, or a distributed system controlling numerous intersections.

Our teams understand the increasing environmental implications and limited budgets for transportation projects, so we continue to search for new and innovative ways to reduce pollutants and congestion, while also improving efficiency and safety.

Arcadis focuses on creating sustainable solutions that reflect the visions and goals of our clients and their communities. We maximize safety and mobility to improve the quality of travel life.

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Prasoon Sinha

Chief Digital Officer, North America 770 431 8666 Ask me a question
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