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When it comes to construction, it’s rare for all parties to see eye to eye. What began as a promising partnership could end in a formal dispute involving lawyers, arbitrators or even the courts.

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Arcadis helps optimize your construction claim outcome.

12,000+ claims assignments evaluated by Arcadis

Poorly produced claims or an insufficient defense reduce the likelihood of parties amicably settling their differences. Formal proceedings can drain time and resources and prove costly to your business, where your reputation is on the line.

Our experts are skilled in assisting you and your attorneys throughout the dispute resolution process. We provide our services to contractors making claims for extra work, productivity losses, time extensions and/or delay costs, as well as to the owners and designers who are evaluating and responding to them.

We use time-tested approaches, fact-based analysis, industry standard techniques, and effective and credible presentation of findings for our clients during negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or litigation proceedings.

Find out how we provide expert advice that deliver business outcomes and learn more about the complex legal terms related to construction claims and disputes.

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Roy Cooper

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