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Ports and Industrial Infrastructure

Maritime transportation plays a vital role in the global economy. Growing freight volumes are driving the demand for larger infrastructure and increased operational efficiency of existing and new infrastructure. Vessels are getting bigger to meet this demand and ports need to invest to keep up.

Sustainable solutions for ports and waterways

In the last decade, global shipping has experienced explosive growth. Increasing world trade, developing markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia and the relatively low cost of transportation due to the scale increase have all contributed to this growth. As a result, there is a high demand for more bulk and container terminals and distribution centers. Globalization has also led to increased competition among ports and a call for more efficient operations in the sectors.

Accommodating such growth is an immense challenge and requires confident expertise in a very broad range of disciplines. At Arcadis, we understand the vital role maritime transportation plays in the global economy. Our capabilities span the complete project journey from strategic studies, conceptual planning and design to operations and transactional services, and address the complex issues related to limitation of available land, safety and security concerns, and sustainability issues related to nature conservation and the living environment.

Arcadis focuses on finding solutions that are pragmatic, sustainable and economical—in the world’s ports and harbors as well as the locks, rivers and canals that are the basis of local economies throughout the world.

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