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Freight rail companies face a variety of challenges that can stop them in their tracks. It could be meeting compliance goals, upgrading infrastructure, increasing network capacity, developing new facilities or responding to a derailment. Whatever the problem, it needs to be resolved quickly and cost-effectively to keep the trains moving.

Joe Maddalena

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Keeping business on track

For the rail industry, the safe and on-time arrival of trains is of the utmost importance. Effectively managing compliance goals, thousands of miles of track, and myriad assets can be a challenge, especially when many companies are seeking to cut costs and improve operating ratios.

After 25 years, and more than 7,000 projects, Arcadis has become the partner of choice for the rail industry. We offer support during operations interruptions, applying our collective expertise to a full range of needs from emergency response to sustainability initiatives. Not only do our programs help minimize disruption and decrease downtime, we get the job done right by controlling costs and reducing your risk.

“Dealing with the unexpected”

Many of our staff are e-RAILSAFE verified, demonstrating our commitment to health and safety, regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. We’ve developed long-lasting relationships with all seven Class I railroads who rely on us for 24-hour support. With 160 offices located throughout North America, we can quickly respond to needs anywhere across the continent.

Whether it’s an emergency situation, a site assessment or cleanup, or a structure improvement project, we have the industry knowledge, expertise and technology to get your business back on track.

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Joe Maddalena

Client Director, Freight Rail Sector 770 331 8500 Ask me a question