Water utilities that adopt resilient mindsets can proactively enhance their abilities to serve customers, streamline operations and lower costs.

The One Water movement is making way for innovative solutions, such as water reuse, to help cities and communities create sustainable water futures. Intelligent Water can advance the progress utilities are making, especially as it relates to proactive monitoring and treatment, insight-driven asset plans, and public trust.

The Intelligent Water Series
Intelligent Water presents many opportunities for utilities to reimagine their futures. This insight series is designed to build confidence and accelerate forward momentum.

Demystifying Intelligent Water

Creating a human-centric future with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

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Advancing the One Water movement

Combining One Water principles with the advantages of Intelligent Water can improve water sustainability.

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NEW! Advanced asset management

Addressing affordability, workforce and regulatory challenges head-on with a framework that incorporates advanced technology.

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Ufuk Erdal

Water Reuse Director, NA +1 714 508 2642 Ask me a question

Katie Umberg

Senior Management Consultant, Intelligent Water, NA +1 502 203 7668 Ask me a question
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