The Future of Airports

A customer-centric experience

The case for customer-centric airports

This whitepaper explores how airport owners and operators can balance the competing needs of preparing for the future while catering for the customer expectations of today.

Download: The Future of Airports

We examine the industry through the lens of five major trends:

Enabling the airport city

Although airports have positively enabled globalization, they can only survive and thrive if they have the support of their local communities.

Championing the customer

By embracing the opportunities of digitization, passenger pain points and frustrations can be alleviated and even eliminated.

Embracing the challenge of mobility

By integrating airports with as many different modes of transport as possible, and embracing the efficiency opportunities of autonomous vehicles, airports can revolutionize how passengers get to airports, travel throughout them, and reach their final destinations.

Customer-centric airport terminal design

It’s not enough to be innovative, efficient and sustainable; airport operators must also integrate the needs of customers into their terminal-design decisions.

Being serious about sustainability

The obligations and regulatory requirements on the global aviation industry will only increase as the world confronts the climate-change challenge.

Making it happen

Amid all of the challenges facing airports today, it’s clear that airport operators will need to carefully consider how they manage their existing businesses and plan for the anticipated growth in passenger numbers.

If properly designed and the latest digital infrastructure is leveraged, airports are in a unique position to not only satisfy the world’s growing demand for flying, but also deliver significant economic benefits in the form of tourism, trade and business services. The potential of airports as an asset is significant, but they can also become a hub of innovation and opportunity as well as a gateway to the world.

By becoming an airport city – or aerotropolis – they can bring far greater economic and social benefits to a region than if they were to act in isolation. We owe it to our future generations to get the planning and design right.

Download the full report to read the detailed perspective and potential solutions for creating the airport of the future.

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