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Water Utility Resilience Paper

Resilience reimagined: Building a fit-for-future utility

By balancing asset fitness and organizational health, water utilities can realize the holistic benefits of resilience.

Water utilities that adopt resilient mindsets can proactively enhance their abilities to serve customers, streamline operations and lower costs

This paper explores resilience from perspectives that consider the whole utility—system assets to workforce and everything in between.

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Five key steps to reimagine resilience

Our five-step process helps utilities continuously monitor and manage their asset fitness and organizational health, the two components of being fit-for-future. Intelligent Water can provide meaningful insights and efficiencies every step of the way. Empowering people with advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, gives them the confidence to make the right decisions at opportune times for human-centric reasons. Intelligent Water also helps utilities foster a culture of innovation, which is a cornerstone of an adaptable and agile workforce.


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