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Water Utility Research Report

Demystifying Intelligent Water: Creating a human-centric future with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics

The water sector is, and always will be, about people. Creating solutions that address affordability and improve resilience for U.S. water utilities requires a unique relationship between technology and the people using it.


Advancing the One Water
movement with

The One Water movement is making way for innovative solutions, such as water reuse, to help cities and communities create sustainable water futures. Intelligent Water can advance the progress utilities are making especially as it relates to proactive monitoring and treatment, insight-driven asset plans and public trust.

Download the newest paper in our Demystifying Intelligent Water series and scroll down to learn more about how Intelligent Water can help bring your vision to life and take what you’re doing further.

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Intelligent Water empowers utilities to make insight-driven decisions that optimize investment of limited resources at opportune times for human-centric reasons

Change can be difficult. But evolution, even in increments, is impactful and has proven to be worthwhile for utilities that are embarking on the journey.

The purpose of this research is to demonstrate that Intelligent Water can improve quality of life. The report, created in collaboration with Bluefield Research, explains why we focused the research on affordability and resilience and demonstrates how people can address these challenges in intelligent and sustainable ways.

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Key points along the Intelligent Water journey

Affordability and resilience loom large

Consumers and utilities alike are straining to maximize their budgets, while resilience shocks and stressors put the sector’s aging infrastructure at risk.

Intelligent Water can reveal billions in value...

Operations and maintenance spending is on the rise, but capital spending is trending downward. Only 21 percent of utilities feel they are currently able to fully cover costs and services.

...including $17.6 billion in CAPEX savings alone

Advanced asset management tools, including those powered by AI and predictive analytics, can inform the best decisions for overall maintenance approach, rehabilitation or replacement interventions.

Human-centric evolution is the key

Intelligent Water’s digital solutions hold great potential that the workforce can maximize. With collective intelligence, the two groups combine to unlock significant value that would be inaccessible to either group on its own.


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