Being a digital water utility

A catalyst for transformative innovation that creates a sustainable water future

From increased flooding events and water quality challenges to shifting expectations and affordability struggles, the spotlight is on water utilities to perform like never before. Fostering innovation can help utilities re-imagine what they do and how they do it for improved water resiliency, efficiency and quality.

Digital can be a powerful catalyst for utility innovation, especially when people—employees and customers alike—are the focal point and are empowered by the right culture, processes and tools.

This series explores insights into being a digital water utility. Discover the stories shaping the future of water utilities:

The digital wave: Stormwater management’s data-centric future

How you capture, manage, and visualize your stormwater data matters more than ever. Digital enablement will give your organization data-driven tools to highlight the social, environmental, and economic benefits of your stormwater plans.

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Being a digital water utility: Looking beyond technology

Water utilities are increasing investment in technology and data mining, yet many are unconvinced about the long-term promise of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). This gap raises the question: how should the water industry prepare for a disruptive future?

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