Webinars and resources for navigating COVID-19 construction disputes

It is no secret that the construction industry is in uncharted territory. Many contracts never considered how to address a situation like COVID-19, and while on the surface the pandemic would appear to be force majeure, it’s more complicated on a project-by-project basis.

Companies are strategizing ways to navigate the complex COVID-19 construction dispute landscape, and they need to know where they stand as it will inform their whole program, not just individual projects.

As the dust settles around the new normal, we have been advising clients to document amid the chaos and start resolution as early as possible. Documenting might be going down – but it should be going up. Memories fade, and details around COVID-related impacts will be essential in the future when sorting through mountains of claims. Due diligence is the first step toward avoiding, mitigating, and resolving future disputes.

Hearing so many shared questions and concerns from clients led us to creating the COVID-19 response strategy series for contract solutions. The upcoming webinar series will detail key steps to take and questions to consider when dealing with the three COVID-19 project types: continuing projects, stopped projects, and projects restarting after a shutdown.

Can’t wait for the webinars? Check out our COVID-19 response strategy series to get started today.

Mitigating impacts for a continuing project
May 20, 2020
12-1 p.m. ET
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Continuing an essential project is far from business as usual. New government restrictions, evolving safety protocols, supply chain breakdowns, and labor challenges are creating a dynamic landscape. We will discuss how companies can plot a course forward by documenting impacts, identifying COVID-19-related changes, and assessing available options for proceeding.

Resolving claims for a stopped project
June 3, 2020
12-1 p.m. ET
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For stopped projects, parties need to draw a line in the sand to indicate where COVID-related impacts begin and end. If continuing impacts go unresolved, projects can run overbudget. Join us for tips on evaluating contract provisions, resolving claims before resuming, and assessing delay impacts to help accelerate work in the future.

Addressing restart claims and resuming work
June 17, 2020
12-1 p.m. ET
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Construction projects shutdown by COVID-19 will emerge into a new industry. Not only will they deal with new ways of working, the client needs, funding and other resource availability may change. Coordinating a successful restart is possible. We will detail best practices for addressing claims for a project restart, getting things moving quickly, and filling the gaps caused by the shutdown.

We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the upcoming sessions. Every day we are discovering new considerations around COVID-19 impacts, and we are excited to share our latest insights with you.

Roy Cooper

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