Gained in translation: The value of partners who speak your language

Arcadis’ From Industry, for Industry initiative provides clients with experts who have taken the journeys, felt the pressures and fought the battles our industry partners face daily.

In business partnerships, you’ve probably had moments where the other half just doesn’t quite see the entire picture. The technical expertise and capacity to deliver might be there, but they don’t fully grasp all the facets of your position well enough to nail the optimal solution.

It’s like your partner could use a guide or translator – someone that has navigated your terrain, spoken your language, and immersed themselves in your day-to-day challenges. Aspects like company culture or industry-specific quirks, for example, are better learned through experience than explanation.

That first-hand experience helps in reading between the lines and connecting complexities unique to a company or sector. It’s something my team and I always craved, but it’s difficult to develop that capability from the outside looking in. So, when the latest wave of retirement and restructurings swept through our clients’ corporate engineering teams, we saw a great opportunity.

Experienced leaders eager to add value
As leaders and experts from various sectors sought new ways to apply their skills, we offered roles where they could continue advancing their industries. I call it the From Industry, for Industry initiative. So far, the return in value for us and our clients has been exceptional!

Whether your company is trying to create or redefine production capacity, realize efficiencies in your small CAPEX programs, or prevent aging infrastructure threats from impacting production, our Industrial Infrastructure team is now full of people who have been on the journeys, felt the pressures and fought the battles you and other industry partners face daily.

Key members include:

Joe DeMarco
Client Program Manager

Formerly: Director, Global Business Operations/Facility Strategies, Ford Land

Over 32 years at Ford Motor Company and Ford Land, Joe managed global facilities and led $100M+ projects in manufacturing construction, non-manufacturing, and capital investment projects. He has a wealth of knowledge around broad industrial infrastructure challenges, expertise in providing a full range of manufacturing engineering services, and the ability to deliver long-term solutions that fit a company’s big picture plans.

Jesse Toepfer, Ph.D.
Client Program Manager

Formerly: Closure Manager, Barrick Gold Corporation

Jesse is a trusted advisor for engineering management and strategic rational decision-making, corporate and regulatory relationships, water stewardship, energy and environmental stewardship, groundwater remediation, and lifecycle engineering design. His strategies deliver positive impacts to companies’ energy, water, nuclear, oil and gas, mining, and environmental portfolios.

Brian Moore, Ph.D.
Industrial Water Use Practice Leader

Formerly: Principal Environmental Engineer, GE Global Research

As the technical water and wastewater expert for all GE sites, Brian identified solutions for reducing GE’s water/wastewater footprint at favorable returns on investment. Through his experiences with GE, Brian is familiar communicating with industry on their terms. Since joining Arcadis, he helped develop and launch Arcadis’ Water Kaizen Blitz™ method for assessing water use at client facilities.

Todd Williams, PE
Principal Water Engineer

Formerly: Senior Project Engineer, General Motors

Todd worked at General Motors for 34 years, including roles as Senior Project Engineer and Senior Environmental Engineer. He’s an expert in Wastewater Treatment Operations and Maintenance, Water Reduction and Reuse, Water Treatment and Automotive Paint Shop water requirements. He uses his tactical understanding of guiding manufacturing processes to support Arcadis’ Water for Industry Group.

Doug Morrison
Principal Water Engineer

Formerly: Corporate Environmental Lead, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Doug spent more than 19 years as Corporate Director for Environmental Programs at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). While there, he provided technical review and commentary on major environmental pollution control infrastructure projects, facilitated environmental compliance, managed BMS’ Remediation Reserve/Superfund program, authored environmental directives, and assisted in corporate business transactions and litigation. He uses his experience to help clients address environmental program needs, including water/wastewater, compliance, remediation, and sustainability projects.

Jim Witkowski
Principal Environmental Scientist

Formerly: Corporate Health and Safety Lead, International Paper

After leading International Paper’s health and safety efforts, Jim has a broad view of water, health and safety and environmental needs for the pulp and paper business. He was part of a senior leadership team that designed, constructed, and launched a new mill. He has also supported multiple facility decommissioning projects. Jim helps clients by leveraging his extensive experience and appreciation for the pulp and paper sector’s complete manufacturing lifecycle.

Ted Schilling, PE, CEM
West Region Design and Engineering Manager

Formerly: Sr. Site Engineering Manager, SEH America; Sr. Engineering Manager, Hyundai

Semiconductor America and Facilities Operations; Engineering Manager, Texas Instruments

Ted’s worked within and consulted for many industrial, manufacturing, and technology sector companies, giving him a unique balance of client-consultant experiences from both sides of the equation. He possesses expertise in human safety engineering, design, construction, operations management, improvement, change implementation, and resource optimization in high-volume semiconductor and silicon manufacturing environments.

Gene Jensen, PE, PMP
Principal in Charge

Formerly: Vice President, Iberdrola USA

Gene has held various positions throughout the electric industry, including 15 years in Vice President roles at Iberdrola USA (now Avangrid, Inc.) and American Electric Power. His expertise in mentoring younger leaders, managing electrical operations and understanding leading-edge smart grid technologies makes him a versatile resource for electric industry clients.

Mary Buzby, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist

Formerly: Director, Environmental Technology, Merck & Co., Inc.

One of the early additions of the From Industry, for Industry team, Mary immediately provided valuable insights on global programs. She’s since retired, but I’d be remiss not to mention her contributions to our evolving partnership approach and the validation of the resounding impact that it’s had so far.

Executive-level advice
With these guides on our side, our team has real perspective of what’s happening down in the trenches of your day-to-day operations. At the same time, Arcadis’ Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC) complements our frontline skills with corporate-level insights. Chaired by Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Mark Fenner, the SAC provides executive knowledge, analysis and counsel regarding client needs. It consists of former senior executives who helped lead Fortune 100 corporations in the sectors we work in. Current members include:

Pete Cella
Pete retired as CEO and President of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company in 2017 and has served in executive leadership roles in BASF, INEOS and BP. He represents the chemical sector.

Donna Inch
Donna retired as Chairman and CEO of Ford Land Development Corporation, Ford Motor Company in 2016 after a 39-year career with the company. She represents the Automotive sector.

Beverly Wyse
Beverly retired as President of Boeing Shared Services in 2017 after a 32-year career with the company. She represents the aerospace sector.

Gary Yesavage
Gary retired as President of Chevron Manufacturing in 2016 and served in several other executive leadership roles during his 42-year career with the firm. He represents the oil and gas sector.

Partners that see it your way
The biggest winner in all of this, most importantly, are client partners like you. By understanding what success looks like to your industry and colleagues, we can tune our services to fit your vision. Contact me to find out how we can help.

Matt DeMarco

North America Industrial Infrastructure Design & Engineering Leader +1 302 884 6933 Ask me a question
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