What does digital transformation mean for the environmental remediation industry?

As with other industries, digital solutions are driving the reinvention of the environmental remediation industry, unlocking new value and unprecedented productivity achievements.

Digital transformation in the environmental remediation industry

In the latest Advances in Remediation Solutions column in Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation, digital experts from Arcadis and IBM discuss what digital transformation looks like in remediation. The column is organized into four parts: 1) what “digital” means and the opportunity for remediation, 2) how to derive value from large data sets, 3) a framework to support productivity step change, and 4) what the future holds.

The article discusses new and deployable concepts like internet of things, drones and robotics, customer experience, design thinking, ecosystems, data analytics, and BIM – but also developments that are more future focused, such as digital twins, augmented reality, quantum computing, and blockchain. All poised to generate an unprecedented level of insight, accuracy, confidence, and productivity in environmental remediation projects and portfolios.

Emerging contaminants, such as PFASs, maturing portfolios and increasing restoration needs, are creating more challenges than ever for the environmental remediation industry. However, by embracing digital reinvention, the remediation industry is well-positioned for the future.

The full article, Digital Reinvention in the Remediation Industry, is available by subscription on the Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation website.

John Horst

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