Data, Drones and Dialogue: Arcadis discusses the digital revolution of environmental remediation at ENFOS

New technologies for addressing emerging contaminants are helping companies view remediation and asset retirement obligations through comprehensive lenses that align capabilities and needs. Armed with better data insights and tools, organizations can optimize risk management programs and test new approaches to complex issues in ways that improve overall performance.

The environmental remediation industry is rethinking how organizations can sustainably address both conventional and emerging contaminants through innovation and technological advancements. Arcadis is no exception. We’re merging technology and data to help remediation leaders make operations smarter and safer.

For example, our teams can collect data remotely using drones and fixed sensors, and then apply information management best practices and advanced analytics to process that information. Clients receive thorough actionable insights quicker and more safely than traditional on-site inspections or manual collection processes.

Hear our digital revolution stories at ENFOS

We’ll share some examples of how we’re bringing this digital revolution to environmental remediation at The ENFOS Experience in Austin, Texas:

Do we really need all the quality assurance/quality control blanks in groundwater modeling? An evaluation of a large data set
Leanne Austrins, Senior Hydrogeologist
Date: Tuesday, September 24
Time: Presentation Block 3 (12:30-2:00 p.m.)
Leanne will dive into improved methodologies in field, laboratory and statistical data evaluation that are rendering analysis of quality assurance blanks unnecessary.

Digital in the Field: New solutions for data collection, quality and safety
Allison Yanites, Immersive Technology Lead for Arcadis
Date: Tuesday, September 24
Time: Breakout Block 2 (2:00-3:00 p.m.)
Allison will provide an overview and hands-on demonstration of tools for digital data collection and hands-free communication. She’ll explain how the insights generated from electronic data capture and remote assistance simplify decision-making, engage stakeholders, and reduce costs – resulting in a more efficient organization.

Collaboration benefits all of us

When the environmental remediation industry comes together at events like The ENFOS Experience to share lessons learned, new approaches and diverse perspectives, all remediation projects benefit. If you’re attending, we’d love to hear how you’re rethinking remediation using technology and data within your organization.

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