We're passionate about what we do.

Whether that’s standing side-by-side with our clients to deliver transformational change or supporting our people to be the very best versions of themselves, we take pride in living out our values each and every day. In striving to have a positive influence on the communities we serve and people who live, play, work, move and thrive in our cities, we can leave a lasting legacy.

This is what improving quality of life means to us.

Building the future workforce

One of the reasons I have worked in the same sector for over 20 years is the diversity of people. However, the approach of a milestone birthday (sadly not my 21st) and a wish to be working into my 70s, meant the need for a refresh.

After reading an article about a 3D-printed office in China, I was intrigued by how the UK would use technology to provide better outcomes for its cities, citizens, environment and economy. Those thoughts grew into a project around the skills and culture needed in digital transformation. This was the impetus behind me taking the next step in my career and has become the focus of my new role.  

I am now working with people across the business, clients and professional institutions to develop how we will embrace digital transformation. It’s an exciting time. People are at the heart of technology solutions and I am playing my part in building the organisation of the future.  

Lara Potter, Director of Workforce for the Future

Inspiring the next generation

Inspiring the next generation is essential to shaping the workforce of the future. However, from working with the Manchester Airport team, we often found that students didn’t understand the breadth of our industry and worried about having to make early career choices. 

As part of the Career Ready Mentor Programme, I shared my Arcadis journey with schools around the UK. Kids were hooked! They were eager to hear about how one day I was carrying out bridge surveys in Cumbria and then the next, designing railway station roofs that would serve thousands of people every day. Now I’ve moved into Aviation, my story demonstrates there is no limit to your career, providing you are curious and willing to learn.

Many have signed up for related work experience programmes or university courses, and all now understand how the construction industry impacts wider society and their own quality of life. 

David Rowlinson, Senior Project Manager

Marching for acceptance

I grew up in a world where homophobia was sadly far more commonplace than it is today. People didn’t feel free to express themselves or be who they are, and those brave enough to do so were punished or mistreated. Thankfully, this world is changing.

The power of acceptance was brought home to me when my daughter came out as homosexual. Leading up to this point, she had gradually isolated herself from her friendships and removed herself from social environments over a two-year period. She built up this fear of exclusion from the television shows we all watch and the articles we read in the paper. When she did eventually come out, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted from her shoulders. What she experienced next was completely different to the scenario she feared - she found she had family and friends who supported and loved her for who she was, and her sexuality was of no consequence.

Later that year, we marched together in London Pride representing Arcadis. You can’t underestimate the importance of initiatives like Arcadis’ LGBT+ network Kaleidoscope and the Straight Allies programme in creating positive change, and I am extremely proud to consider myself part of it. I now have my happy, confident, beautiful “little girl" back and am all in to support others in any way I can.

Andrew Gifford, Associate Technical Director

Balancing my faith and work

Ramadan is one of the most important months in the Muslim calendar and being able to observe the holy month is an integral part of my religious identity.  

This Ramadan will be my third at Arcadis, and I’m overwhelmed at how accommodating the business has been. It can be a challenge trying to fast and, with some prayers falling within the working day, find a place to pray while still fulfilling my work commitments. 

The difference at Arcadis is that we have access to Faith rooms in all our offices, so that I can always offer prayers on time. The flexible working policy also means I can alter my start times, which has been a real help from a health and wellbeing perspective. I’m grateful to be working for a company that respects and accommodates my requirements during such an important time for me.

Fraz Ahmad, Senior Cost Consultant