We're passionate about what we do

Whether that’s standing side-by-side with our clients to deliver transformational change or supporting our people to be the very best versions of themselves, we take pride in living out our values each and every day. In striving to have a positive influence on the communities we serve and people who live, play, work, move and thrive in our cities, we can leave a lasting legacy.

Shaping Manchester’s housing delivery

Manchester residents enjoy a vibrant nightlife, booming creative industry, globally successful sporting teams and renowned cultural venues. But they aren’t guaranteed affordable housing. Demand is outstripping supply and prices are soaring. For people looking to buy a home, this lack of affordable housing can cause overcrowding and have serious impacts on health.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) need to deliver over 10,000 new homes each year for the next 20 years. But it's not as simple as building more homes. GMCA need the right type of housing, on the right type of land, in the right areas, with the right infrastructure and investment from the right developers. The existing process to marry these demands is complex, time-consuming and involves multiple teams, data and approvals.

Recognising how important access to housing is for the people of Manchester, we partnered with GMCA to develop a solution. Our urban planning platform allows Greater Manchester's ten district planning authorities to make evidence-based decisions according to accurate data. It uses a mix of land, building, commercial and planning data to model the impact of planning decisions. The platform will speed up the planning process, lower costs and – most importantly – reduce the delay in delivering much needed housing for the people of Manchester.

Jon Moore, City Executive for Manchester & the Northern Powerhouse

Preparing the UK for autonomous mobility

Human error is a factor in 95% of road accidents. However, wide-scale adoption of Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) offers great potential to reduce the number of accidents and save lives. This is why major companies are investing heavily in their development. Yet before CAV can be rolled-out more widely, regulators, manufacturers and the public need confidence in their performance, and this requires testing and certification.

On-road testing of every conceivable situation CAV may encounter is expensive and time consuming, and no certification scheme currently exists. Through OmniCAV, our vision is to bring safer, smarter, self-driving mobility to urban and rural areas by creating a virtual reality ‘driving test’.

Working with 11 other leading organisations, we are building a world-first, Artificial Intelligence-based simulation of real roads to securely and reliably test autonomous vehicle safety. OmniCAV’s results will influence the creation of new international standards to ensure safe deployment and certification. The simulation environment will help to accelerate safe testing and certification, cut the time to mass adoption and, as a result, reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads due to human error.

Tim Strong, Transport Innovation Director

Cycling in the city

In my previous job, I’d spent years commuting in my car and was fed up with the stress of sitting in traffic and arriving at work late and fed up. I quickly caught the cycling bug and, in summer 2018, I set up Arcadis Bristol Cyclists, a group for everyone in my office who loves cycling.

I’m lucky that Arcadis has been hugely supportive of the bike group and sees the real-life benefits of encouraging staff to cycle. Everyone is healthier and happier, there’s lower absenteeism and a real feeling that the company is committed to our wellbeing. Staff say they love the community spirit our bike group brings and that it gives them confidence they are supported as cyclists.

But we still face barriers to cycling in Bristol. More investment is needed to create safer routes. Segregated routes, such as the Bristol to Bath Railway Path and Baldwin Street's 'Dutch-style' segregated cycle lane, make an enormous difference to how safe it feels to cycle around the city and give people the confidence to get on their bikes.

Now I’ve started cycling I can’t see ever stopping. For me it’s the perfect mix of practicality and activity, and I feel so much healthier than before.

Kellie Walters, Professional Assistant

Protecting our environment

With the Great British Summer well underway, beaches around the country are bearing the brunt of the seasonal rush. Alongside the influx of ice cream and sunscreen, many of our beaches see an increase in rubbish left during this time of year. With approximately eight million pieces of plastic finding their way into our oceans every day, there is a clear need to act at a local, global and policy level now.

In the UK, 5,000 items of marine plastic and over 150 plastic bottles are found per mile of beach. With this in mind, Arcadis organised a beach clean of the Formby Beach near Liverpool. Armed with bin bags and latex gloves, we combed the beach and surrounding dunes to collect over 10 bin bags of rubbish, as well as a few more unusual items including a 3m length of rubber hosing, a suitcase and a 16-year-old beer can. What was surprising was the proliferation of micro-plastic particles found amongst the sand and shells – not always distinguishable to even the most discerning of Arcadian eyes.

Whilst our efforts may have only made a tiny dent in the problem, the beach was left visibly cleaner, and we hope this might encourage others to spare a little time to improve the quality of life in your local area. By working together and demonstrating our commitment to issues such as these, we can get one step closer to a future with plastic free oceans.

Joel Stretch, Pursuit Manager