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The Government’s 2020 budget included further investment in the electric vehicle industry including extending the grant accessibility to 2023 for the £403 million pot available for plug-in electric vehicles.  A commitment was also made for a ‘Rapid Charging Fund’ towards infrastructure improvement, with the objective being that no-one with an electric vehicle is ever more than 30 miles away from a rapid charger.

The Business Case for Electric Vehicles

The case for electrifying fleets is getting stronger. Not only are the Government’s policies pushing this forward, but companies are realising the other benefits of switching, such as reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, better choice of electric vehicles and rapidly increasing electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

But businesses need help working out how and when they should make the transition of their fleet to electric vehicles.
in the most efficient way.

Electric Vehicle Fleet Transition Solution - Fleet Electrification

We combine an electric vehicle suitability assessment with the optimisation of supporting infrastructure using our deep asset knowledge, electric vehicle consultancy advice and data analytics. This is a bespoke solution for your organisation that demonstrates how you can reduce costs and CO2 emissions and realise other benefits important to you and your business. To create a more accurate picture of vehicle usage and to optimise the solution, we install telematic devices to the vehicles and analyse the data over a period of time.

Request a demo of our Fleet Electrification solution by contacting Simon Swan, Programme Director E-Mobility, here. Find out how we have used this solution as part of Arcadis’ journey to an electric vehicle fleet here.

Getting the Electric Car Charging Infrastructure Right

As more and more people and businesses make the switch to electric vehicles, getting the charging infrastructure right is crucial. But finding the best solution for procuring, installing and maintaining the equipment can be a complex programme involving multiple suppliers.

We are passionate about making the switch to electric vehicles seamless. We work with organisations such as businesses, local authorities, public bodies and commercial developers to select the right charging infrastructure strategy and solution and then supply, install, maintain and operate it.

There are three main areas that need to be considered when thinking about how and where people will charge their electric vehicles; at home, at work, and whilst on the road, especially within cities.

Electric car charging
at work

Whether it’s a company car or private vehicle, employers need to consider the charging infrastructure they provide to employees. Our experience in the property, construction and infrastructure sectors will take you from initial business case scenarios and site surveys to determine the most appropriate set up, through to providing a complete end-to-end solution for your business and getting live chargers on site at your workplace.  
For organisations with combustion engine fleets that need to understand how they will transition to an electric fleet, we provide the Fleet Electrification solution. 


Find out how we helped the Met Police transition to an electric vehicle fleet.

Electric car charging whilst on the road

As more and more people make the switch to electric vehicles, access to public charging points whilst on the roads within cities is crucial. Local authorities need to have a strategy in place for rolling out charging points across cities to provide the best experience for people either living within, visiting, or driving through cities.


We worked with Cardiff City Council to develop and roll out their electric vehicle charging strategy across the city. Read more here. We worked with Highways England to develop a strategy for improving charging infrastructure at motorway service stations across the country. Read more here.

Electric car charging
at home

Most new housing developments now need to provide some level of active or passive electric vehicle charging solution. We help developers ensure that these conditions are not only met, but are the best value solution, creating additional value and revenue streams.

We offer both “supplier funded” models and “buyer funded” with the former being a complete installation funded by our partners, so at no cost to the landlord or developer. We arrange the design, supply, installation, maintenance, and operation of the infrastructure and provide revenue back to the host either as a percentage of the profit or rent.

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